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August 18, 2022 3 min read

There are many ways to improve fitness, one of which is switching workouts. For people who have been working out for quite some time, changing their routines should drastically improve how their body responds to the changes. However, working on a total body resistance workout is slightly different. Aside from needing a powerband, it also follows a series of steps to ensure people do the workout routine in the best possible way. But what are the steps? Here are some ideas.

1. Do Cardio as Warm Up

Cardio is an integral part of a fitness routine, especially when people are starting. It helps with blood flow, an essential element of a total body resistance workout. Cardio also helps with the release of natural chemicals that aids with energy and motivation. The best type of cardio warm-up should be low in intensity and last for at least 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, warming up is essential before starting a workout routine. The process helps the body to adjust, allows it to stretch, and welcomes a more intensive workout program as needed. However, it helps to find the best warm-up routine for you since not everyone's body follows a single way to get into the zone before starting resistance training.

2. Start on a Low Tension Level

Start with a light tension level on your fitness equipment or during free weights training. The goal is to stimulate the muscles, not tear them. You should feel a slight muscle burn but not a throbbing sensation. The body should not feel rushed, allowing it to get used to the new routine.

Therefore, starting slow and adjusting your body to the intensity you need to be on is vital. As you progress, you can increase the tension level by a small notch at a time. You should also be careful not to increase the tension level too much because this can lead to injury.

3. Vary Repetitions

Another great tip to help you get the most out of your workout is to vary the number of repetitions you do. It is essential because if you do too many repetitions of an exercise and don’t change it up, your body will eventually get used to it.

Getting used to a workout means the exercise won’t be as effective as it was. Therefore, you should do a couple of different activities and change them every time you work out. Varying repetitions will help keep your body on its toes and make the best of your workout.

4. Follow the Correct Form

Exercising with the incorrect form can lead to injuries and make the workout less effective. In some instances, the injuries caused by the wrong form may even lead to irreparable damage. Therefore, you should ensure you follow the correct form when doing each exercise you want to do.

When you use the incorrect form, you will also put unnecessary pressure on specific body parts. As a result, it can cause injuries and make the workout less effective. Resistance training also requires the correct form to strengthen specific body parts.

5. Remember to Cool Down

Cooling down provides the muscle with the necessary time to recover. When you do not cool down, your muscles become sore and uncomfortable. It also allows the body to stabilise the energy levels in the blood and reduces the risk of fainting. It is essential to cool down after every resistance training session.


To start a resistance training program, you should consider using resistance bands. They are easy to use, can be taken with you anywhere and offer a great workout. They are also an inexpensive alternative to resistance training equipment. You can find resistance bands at most sporting goods stores.

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