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May 12, 2022 3 min read

Welcome back to the second part of this blog. The first article describes what a resistance band is and the various benefits of using it. After reading it, you might be asking what type of exercises you can do with resistance bands. 

This article will highlight a few of the most common exercises with resistance bands. Let us begin if you are ready.   

A Quick Reminder

Before starting with your resistance bands, you should do a little warm-up. Most people would do light stretching to get their muscles and tendons ready.  

Doing this is not mandatory, though. For best results, you should warm up your muscles before doing strength training or resistance training. Most importantly, if you feel any sharp pain, you should stop exercising and seek medical attention.

What Kinds of Exercises Can I Do?

There are numerous exercises that you can do with your resistance bands. Many people think that they are only good for the lower body. However, you can use them for upper body workouts as well. You can do the basic stretches, curls, triceps extensions, and even full-body exercises.  

Resistance Bands Vs. Free Weights

Using resistance bands is an excellent alternative to free weights. Free weights are an excellent exercise but using them is pretty dangerous. For example, if you drop the barbell, it can cause serious injuries. You do not have to worry about the weights falling on your feet with resistance bands.   

Resistance bands are a great way to work out at your own pace. Free weights are not safe at all. If you become too strong and start working out too heavily, it is possible to injure yourself. When using resistance bands, you can control the weight and intensity of your workout.   

As mentioned several times, one key benefit of resistance bands is that you can do them anywhere. You need a set of quality resistance bands and a door to hook them on. You can use them to do exercises and routines from your home.

On the other hand, weights will only work well if you have a trainer. Attempting to do it yourself might lead to serious injury.

Resistance Bands Vs. Bodyweight Workouts

You can use resistance bands instead of bodyweight workouts. However, using resistance bands is better than bodyweight workouts for several reasons. First, it is a safer alternative. If you do push-ups at home, you will find it a challenging task to recover from.   

In addition, you can only do so many push-ups, and it does not increase muscle mass. On the other hand, you can use resistance bands for hundreds of repetitions.

You can do your push-ups with resistance bands to build your pectoral muscles. However, it would help if you mixed up your workout. Do some push-ups with one arm. Then switch to the other arm. In this way, you can challenge your muscles.


Resistance bands are an excellent tool for developing your muscle mass and strength. They are easy to use, and you can do numerous exercises with them. You can do your basic stretches and work your muscles with resistance bands. 

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