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April 22, 2022 3 min read

Nowadays, people's lifestyles have drastically changed based on environment, food, and daily activities. Due to technology, humans now live a more sedentary life; people sit on chairs more than they take runs, no longer have to hunt down food, and simply drive a car instead of walking to get around.

Benefits of Having a Good Posture in the Long Run

People have fewer physical activities and thus, have trouble taking care of their bodies, including maintaining good posture. The way people stand, sit, or walk affects their bodies more than they are aware of. Good posture promotes and develops a good bone structure. It also allows the body's weight to be appropriately placed along the spine.

Keeping the spine straight helps in reducing pain in the lower back and prevents the development of scoliosis or spinal dysfunction in the long run. It also stops children from stunting their growth. Keeping a good posture also allows the lungs some space to breathe better.

It also affects the way people present themselves in front of others. Having a good posture gives a good impression, especially to employers, by appearing taller and more confident with themselves.

Pointers in Having a Good Posture

While standing up, the spine should be straight, and shoulders rolled down in a relaxed position. The stomach must be tucked in, not jutting out, and the feet should both be flat on the floor. The head must be facing forward and evenly balance the weight of the body without any side being heavier than the other.

People often sit down in front of their desks, working or eating; when they do, they also have a proper posture to maintain. The appropriate height of the monitor should be one where they can keep their head facing straight and forward, not downwards.

Same with standing posture, the spine should still be maintained straight and not slouching. The thighs should be parallel to the floor while the feet remain flat on the floor as well. Some exercises help maintain good posture, ones that can be done at home instead of the gym, and with portable exercising equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells.

Activities You Can Do to Maintain Good Posture

Here are some exercises with resistance bands people can do on their own, anytime and anywhere.

Exercise One

One exercise that you can do is hold the resistance band with both hands, then extend your arms outward while still holding the band. 

The resistance band should be stretched at the front while touching the chest and along the arms from one end to the other. Next, circle the arms backward, going above the head. 

The resistance band should now be on the back at waist level. Then return the arms to their initial position with the resistance band stretched at the front again.

Exercise Two

Another exercise with resistance bands is this: hold the resistance band between both hands. 

Stretch the band and hold both arms 1 meter apart over the head. 

While maintaining that position, bend the upper body sideways to the right, then raise the body back to an upright position. Do the same to the left side.

Exercise Three

This next exercise will need a sturdy pillar, stand, or structure. Wrap the resistance band around the pillar, and hold both of the loop ends with both hands. 

Stand one meter away from the structure, then pull back both hands while still holding the resistance band up to the waist. 

Hold the position for a few seconds, then allow the resistance band to pull the arms back closer to the pillar, similar to the initial position.

In Conclusion

Good posture has a lot of benefits for all ages. It is a practice that can be taught from an early age, so it can be developed into a habit as we grow up. 

All in all, this habit will allow us to have a better quality of life that we can bring into their old age and reap its health benefits for a long time.

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