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June 23, 2022 3 min read

Do you want to stop your booty from feeling gooey? Then try out these Powerbands exercises that’ll boost your booty pump from the first second!

Bridge Walk-In & Out Pulses

For this workout, you’ll need a shorter Powerbands resistance band.

  • Lie on your back, lift your hips into the air, then walk your legs out and back in.
  • Keep your body in a bridge position, pushing your heels down into the ground. 
  • As you walk your legs out, push your hips higher and lift your body. 
  • Then, push your hips out to the side, pushing the band out as far as you can to the side!
  • Gently squeeze up and down, bringing your knees in, and then rest for ten seconds!
  • Keep that bridge position as you walk in and out. Alternate each leg as you come back in; go for that leg extension!

Leg Extensions

  • Wrap a Powerbands resistance band around one foot, holding the other end in your opposite hand.
  • Position yourself on the mat with one knee, and your body stretched horizontally. 
  • Lift your leg up and down, keeping the band in place on the mat with your opposite hand.
  • Breathe and release! 
  • Stay on the same side and continue pulsing your leg up and down. 
  • Make it more challenging by pulling the band in front of you and lifting your body higher each time. You should feel it in your glutes by now. 
  • Squeeze those glutes up and down; you got this!

Leg Lift Pulses

Kneel for a bit, catch your breath, then sit on your heels and relax as you prepare for the next exercise.

  • Still in the same position, with the Powerbands resistance band in front of you, take your leg from one side to the other in a diagonal movement. 
  • Repeat, tapping each side of the mat with your foot as you move your leg across. The wider you bring your foot across the carpet, the more you feel it. 
  • Gently release. 
  • Switch the band over to the other side and repeat the same exercises.
  • Now do the same thing, but in pulses, then taps. 
  • Do 45 seconds on each side. 
  • Pull the band tight in front of you to get the best results. Keep your leg straight and steady as you do the pulses. 
  • Remember to keep your body steady too! Then go back into the taps, taking it nice and wide with each tap!

Three-Second Down Bridge

  • Stay in the bridge position, with your knees pushed to the side. 
  • Keep your feet apart, and hold the band firmly in place above your knees. 
  • Lift your body up and down, and simultaneously push your hips up and down! Have your arms by your sides, flat on the mat. 
  • Do one more rep, and then release. 
  • Pull back up, and sit on your butt. 
  • Relax and rest!

Do you feel that booty burning! If you do, you’ve completed your boosted pump workout! Congratulations! If not, have another go to get your blood pumping and your body in toned shape! If you feel fatigued at any point, take a rest and increase your set next time.


Remember, it’s your duty to firm up that booty with these doable home workouts. Always usePowerbands so you can go the distance in every session. Check out our online collection for exciting new products and colourways!