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January 20, 2022 3 min read

Contrary to popular belief, "booty bands" are not just for women. Formally known as resistance bands, they can be used by absolutely everybody. The bands are lightweight and can be brought along pretty much anywhere. When there's no gym membership in place, bringing some of them to a nearby park will certainly do the trick. It works just as well in the comfort and privacy of one's own home as well.

Another key benefit is that several resistance levels are involved here. Aside from being very simple, they're also highly versatile.

Here are some of the top reasons why "booty" or resistance bands matter very much:

Booty bands afford plenty of variety

There are already many exercises that can be done with booty bands as is. However, there are still more ways to use them coming about practically every day. As it is, there are easily dozens of them available. Variety is inspiring and will be quite helpful for motivation down the line. 

Booty bands are simple and portable

It's very easy to slip booty bands into a gym bag, a backpack, luggage or even a huge pocket! That means it's possible to work out at the drop of a hat when the opportunity presents itself. No more room for the usual excuses here.

Booty bands are worth every single dollar

Cheap booty bands usually cost $6-$40 for a set, but you can buy higher quality ones that cost more, or sets that include more weight increments. Sound like a lot? It can cost even more to buy a set of dumbbells. A single set of dumbbells won't even have any weight increments, unlike a set of booty bands.

Booty bands can help improve running

This may sound like it's reaching, but it's just a matter of muscles being stabilized. Some muscle groups that have been neglected for some time will likely lead to "feel[ing] the burn" after working out. Additionally, resistance band workouts are great at keeping hurtful injuries such as shin splints at bay.

Booty bands target a wide muscle range

Gym equipment like weights will only zero in on one muscle group at a time. Booty bands let you incorporate balance for a more effective workout. This means that you'll have to engage more muscle groups at once, and the multiple muscle groups will work together more effectively.

Other advantages include:

  • Appeals to people of various shapes and sizes
  • Boosts range of motion and hip mobility
  • Easy to store
  • Flexibility
  • Form improvement (especially for deadlifts and squats)
  • Hip strength boost
  • Lightweight
  • Lower body strength improvement
  • Muscle gains
  • Thorough workouts


"Booty band" is the more popular, colloquial term for fitness equipment that is essentially called resistance bands. They're incredibly helpful when it comes to being able to exercise anywhere, targeting a wide muscle range and they have full-on value for money. Using them also helps with range of motion, hip strength, form improvement and muscle gains. Given how lightweight and compact they are, it's a lot like having gym equipment that fits in one's pocket.

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