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October 13, 2022 3 min read

Like most people, you probably think that doing glute work is all about squatting and lunging. There's a lot more to it than that, though. When performing glute exercises, people make typical errors that might derail their progress.

Mini bands, sometimes called booty bands, are typically used for home workouts. Because they are portable and light, they provide an excellent replacement for bigger weights while performing glute workouts.

In less than a second, one may search online for "glute-band workouts" and find more than 4 million results. However, they fail to mention the common errors that might cause injury, a lot of effort for little gain, or both.

Whether your objective is to tone, strengthen the back, or increase running endurance, effective glute exercises are essential. The top five mistakes people make while working out using a glute band are displayed below.

You Neglect Your Bands 

You should treat your bands like you would a lipstick tube. If bands are subjected to intense heat or sunshine, they may deteriorate. 

They could become caught or crumble if cleaned with abrasive chemicals like those found in household and gym cleaners.

Check out your band before putting it on. If the fitness power bands are slightly torn or damaged, you shouldn't use them. If the band were to rupture or tear even slightly, there would be a severe danger of damage, especially if the flying pieces were in your line of vision.

You Make The Bands Too Heavy 

Not typically—more is always preferable. To make up for excessively heavy exercise bands, your body will employ other muscles to do the duties that weren't their responsibility.

The TFL (tensor fasciae latae) will contract in preparation for a range of glute workouts. This muscle is attached to the IT Band. It can be just beside your front hip. With time, you could feel your front hips begin to hurt and your outer thigh tightens. This is a signal that your glutes need more work. Simple solution is to lighten the band.

You Constantly Perform The Same Actions

You will reach a plateau if you perform the same six to eight glute-band workouts daily. A variety of things can activate the gluteal fibers. 

The glute bridge is one of them. Adjusting a hip thrust exercise, such as increasing weight or raising your feet on a bench, could be essential. You might try standing on one leg as well.

Sometimes, there aren't enough options. Choose one or two to incorporate into your exercises. Including additional variations will make your glute muscles more active, toned, and developed. In more active fibers, impacts could appear more quickly.

You're Only Going Through Motions 

When exercising alone, it's simple to become sidetracked or lose concentration. It is simple to overlook proper form when working out with others. 

You should perhaps turn off the music and communicate with others. You must be precise and thorough in getting the most out of your booty band workouts.

Squeeze your glutes before each movement when performing your glute-band exercises; once you start moving, it is too late to maximize each rep.

If You Let Your Back Arch, You May Perform Archeology

Two exercises your lower back will enjoy helping you with are squats and glute bridges. This might cause discomfort or harm to the low back.

Don't let your back prevent you from exercising safely. In its place, tighten your abdominal muscles and bring your front ribs together. Then, by doing this, you may adjust your posture such that your ribs are above your pelvis. During every set, be sure to maintain your ribs tight.


Booty bands can be used in exercises that activate, tone, and strengthen the glutes. Avoid the following booty-band mistakes to make your upcoming leg day workout more effective and safer.

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