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November 03, 2022 4 min read

Besides improving overall health, regular exercise can reduce your risk of back pains and bad posture. 

Several studies suggest that staying active can help prevent back pain. However,some exercises can harm your back. And for this reason, we recommend using power bands. 

Power bands are more effective than heavy gym equipment and weights, especially if you want to prevent back pain. They are also versatile and convenient. Power bands allow you to exercise anytime, anywhere. At the same time, you can quickly increase the resistance level and intensity while ensuring a safe workout routine.

This article will discuss the importance of having a solid back and the seven power band exercises to strengthen your back.

Importance of Having a Strong Back

Your back is the most vital part of the skeleton next to your skull. It carries your upper body and stabilises your lower body and posture.

A strong and well-defined back strengthens and shapes your overall physique. It will also help reduce your risk of having back pains and improve your posture. And a strong back will improve your athletic performance and help you achieve your dream body.

7 Power Bands Exercises for a Stronger Back

We suggest concentrating on slow, even movement to help you maximise your workout. Add power bands to these exercises to get a firmer back.  

1. Upper Body Rotation


We'll begin with a warm-up exercise. Start with resting the power band on your shoulder blades. Bend forward as far as possible while keeping a straight back, and your head aligns with the upper body. Slowly rotate your upper body while keeping a straight back. Return to the starting position and turn in the opposite direction. 

2. Lateral Stretch


Power bands must rest above your head. Fully extend your arms and slightly bend your knees. Bend to one side with straight arms above your head and stretch the lateral muscles. Return to the initial position and repeat on the other side.

Tip: Keep your arms straight and ensure you align your upper body and lower back.

3. Butterfly Reverse 


Upper hand grip slightly more than shoulder-width apart and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Pull the power band sideways while keeping your wrist and arms straight. Your arms and elbows must remain at shoulder height. 

Squeeze the shoulder blades at a final positioning before returning to the initial position while retaining tension on the power bands. 

Tip: Slightly bend your knees and keep your upper body straight. Keep your shoulders down at all times. Your head must be above your body and slightly tuck your chin.

4. Archer 


Grip the power band more than shoulder-width. Fully extend your arm facing in one direction. 

Pull the band away from the holding position while imagining pushing your elbow's weight. Your other arm must always remain straight and under tension. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and ensure you fully flex the active arm's elbow. 

Tip: Your arms and elbows should remain at shoulder height. The arm holding the power band must always stay straight and stable as it acts as an anchor point. Keep your upper body straight.

5. Standing Row 


Start by placing your feet at shoulder-width. Then, bend forward. 

Hold the power band on both sides of your body as your palms face your body. Your knees must be slightly bent, and your back must stay straight. Use your shoulder blades to start the movement. Lift your elbows and pull the power band towards your navel. 

Tip: Tuck your chin and keep an engaged core. Squeeze shoulder blades at the top position.

6. Deadlift


Stand on the power band with your feet at shoulder-width and hold it in one hand. Bend forward, keeping a straight back and slightly bent knees. Return while squeezing your glutes and maintaining an engaged core. 

Tip: Keep your pelvis and arms straight when returning up, and keep your feet on the ground

7. Single Arm Pull Apart


Wrap one end around your shoulder and pass it behind your back to grab it with the same arm you wrapped it around. Hold it in your fist straight in front of you. 

Extend your arm in front of your chest and rotate it 90 degrees outwards until your arm is beside your body. Return your arm to the starting position while keeping a straight body and maintaining your hand at chest level with your thumb up. 

Tip: Slightly bend your knees, keep your body straight and your shoulders down at all times. Your head must be above your body and slightly tuck your chin. 

Recommended Reps

Repeat each exercise 15 times and the whole set twice. 

Shaping a Stronger Back

Power bands continue to gain popularity thanks to their versatility and convenience. Adding them to your workout routine can strengthen your back while reducing your risk of back issues and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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