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October 20, 2022 3 min read

While exercising can benefit your overall health, did you know it can also help sculpt and strengthen your butt? Adding squats and lunges to your routine can strengthen your lower body, enhance core muscles, and give you your dream booty. 

A power band is an essential tool in your toning arsenal. They are cheaper and easier to carry on the go. Power bands are also joint-friendly and provide more functional movement than free weights. Besides their affordability and allowing you to give a full body workout anytime and anywhere, power bands also improve mobility, and strengthen, tone, and sculpt your body. 

Unlike free weights, bands gradually add more resistance to the routine as you move through the full range of motion.  

There are also different power bands available in the market. Loop resistance bands that form a circle around your thighs or ankles during exercise are more effective for pointing your backside muscles.  

This article will tackle six must-try power band exercises to get a firmer booty. 

1. Deep Squats

A generally accepted deep squat consists of a knee angle greater than 120 degrees. That means your hip creases drop below your knees, and your butt almost reaches the ground.

While regular squats strengthen your lower body, adding power bands to your routine can take the typical squats to the next level. Your glutes must work harder to resist the band and collapsing knees. 

You may try it as a goblet squat (hold a dumbbell vertically at chest level) or as a bodyweight banded squat. 

2. Curtsy Lunges

The Curtsy Lunge is a different version of a standard lunge, but you hold your lower body in a curtsy position to strengthen your glutes more. 

This "great bang-for-your-back" exercise is a favourite among runners. Adding a power band can work all parts of your core, hip abductors, and glutes. 

3. Butt Kickback

Your glutes will be crying for mercy after you finish this burner exercise. While it primarily targets your butt, it can also benefit your hamstrings. 

Kickbacks or glute kickbacks are bodyweight exercises targeting your glute muscles. Perform kickbacks by getting on a kneeling push-up position. It's critical to keep your back straight and core engaged as you raise a leg behind you. 

Adding booty bands to the average body weight or resistance workout can help you get faster and better results.

4. Banded Side Step

Experts recommend adding this exercise to your warm-up routine to prepare your medial glutes for the rest of your workout. 

Banded side steps can benefit your hips, abductors, and your legs' connective tissues while reducing your chances of injury. It's also the ideal exercise to prime your backside.

5. Single-Leg Deadlift

Deadlifts can significantly benefit your back, glutes, and hamstrings—which people usually ignore. Performing a single-leg deadlift can help improve your balance while strengthening your core muscles.

6. Banded Clamshell

The best part of doing the clamshell exercise is that you can do it almost anywhere, requiring minimal space and little equipment for an effective lower-body workout. 

This exercise got its name from how your legs and hips resemble a clamshell when executing the movement. Adding a powerband to the routine can strengthen your hips and thighs while toning your glutes and stabilising your pelvic muscles. 

Additional Protips

Adding PowerBands to your typical workout routines can help you get better and quicker results while boosting your body's fat-burning abilities. It would help if you also choose the proper resistance levels according to your needs and gradually increase that as you move forward. 

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Toning a Stronger Bottom

Power bands continue to gain popularity because of their affordability and lightweight. Adding them to your workout routines can help strengthen your lower body and give you the dream butt. 

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