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October 04, 2023 4 min read

Plyometric training – exercises that focus on rapid, powerful movements and muscle contractions – is an essential component in numerous athletic pursuits. By developing explosive strength, speed, and power, athletes can truly elevate their performance to new heights. An often-underutilized tool that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of plyometric training is POWERBANDS® resistance bands. These versatile and adaptable bands can significantly contribute to building a strong foundation of explosive athleticism, providing an ideal platform for peak performance.

In this guide, we'll explore the exciting world of plyometric training and demonstrate how POWERBANDS® can revolutionise your workouts. By providing specific examples of powerful plyometric exercises utilising resistance bands, outlining essential techniques, and sharing effective programming strategies, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of how to elevate your plyometric performance and achieve your athletic objectives.

At POWERBANDS®, our mission is to improve our customers' lives through movement, providing the finest resistance bands on the market, designed for durability, versatility, and functionality. Plyometric training with POWERBANDS® offers a multitude of benefits for athletes, from increased muscular power and force generation to improved joint stability and coordination. Make the most of this formidable training tool and unlock greater explosive strength and speed, taking your athletic performance to unprecedented levels. Dive into the world of plyometrics with POWERBANDS®, and transform your workouts, your performance, and your love for movement.

Enhancing Lower-Body Plyometric Exercises with POWERBANDS®

Lower-body plyometric exercises are fundamental to developing explosive leg strength and power. Utilising POWERBANDS® in these exercises can take your workouts to new heights, providing enhanced resistance and results.

1. Banded Box Jumps

A classic plyometric exercise, banded box jumps can be performed with a POWERBAND® looped around your waist and anchored to a secure point. The added resistance will challenge your leg muscles, generating increased power during the explosive jump.

Perform three sets of 8-10 repetitions, with a focus on controlled landings and maintaining tension in the band throughout the movement.

2. Banded Skater Jumps

Typical skater jumps can be intensified with the use of a POWERBAND® anchored to a stable object placed at waist height. Attach the band to a waist belt and complete lateral jumps, focusing on explosive movements and controlled landings.

Aim for three sets of 10-12 repetitions per side, ensuring optimal engagement of glute and quad muscles during the dynamic jumps.

Building Upper-Body Explosive Strength with POWERBANDS®

Athletes also require explosive upper-body strength in many sports. POWERBANDS® can be seamlessly incorporated into upper-body plyometric exercises to provide extra challenge and stimulate greater strength gains.

1. Banded Plyometric Push-ups

With a POWERBAND® looped around your back and anchored beneath your hands, initiate a standard push-up. However, upon reaching the bottom position, push up explosively, propelling your upper body off the floor. Allow the band to assist in generating additional force, creating increased resistance as your hands leave the ground.

Perform three sets of 8-10 repetitions, focusing on explosive strength and maintaining proper push-up form throughout the exercise.

2. Banded Medicine Ball Slams

Loop a POWERBAND® around a medicine ball and securely anchor the band to an overhead structure. Grasp the medicine ball with both hands and perform a powerful overhead slam, pulling down rapidly on the weighted ball against the tension of the resistance band.

Complete three sets of 8-10 repetitions, emphasising full engagement of your core, lats, and shoulder muscles for increased explosive power.

Effective Plyometric Programming Tips with POWERBANDS®

To optimise results in plyometric training, proper programming principles must be employed. Utilise these straightforward programming tips to ensure the most effective use of POWERBANDS® within your plyometric training regimen.

1. Beginner Plyometric Programming

If you are new to plyometric training, gradually incorporate POWERBANDS® into your workouts by initially focusing on building a solid foundation of strength and technique. Once a baseline of strength and form has been established, begin to add resistance bands to your plyometric workouts, using lighter resistance levels until you become comfortable with the added challenge.

2. Advanced Plyometric Programming

For athletes experienced in plyometric training, experiment with more advanced resistance levels, exercises, and volume within your workouts. Always allow adequate recovery between sessions, as effective plyometric training is highly demanding on the central nervous system.

Ensuring Safe and Effective Plyometric Training with POWERBANDS®

Avoid overtraining and potential injuries by following these safe plyometric training guidelines:

Perform exercises on a soft, stable surface, such as mats or rubber flooring. This will help to minimise the stress placed on joints during high-impact plyometric movements.

Focus on proper technique and control, ensuring accurate movement execution to mitigate the risk of injury.

Gradually increase intensity, resistance, and volume over time, avoiding sudden spikes in training demands.


The incorporation of POWERBANDS® into your plyometric training offers the unique opportunity to unlock new levels of explosive strength and speed. By embracing the benefits and versatility provided by resistance bands, you'll be able to transform your athletic performance and unleash untapped potential on the field, court, or track.

Approach your plyometric workouts with a mindful focus on safety, technique, and effective programming. By following these guidelines and capitalising on the exceptional advantages offered by POWERBANDS®, you'll be on your way to newfound heights of sports performance, exhilarating personal achievements, and boundless love for movement. Check out our premierpower bands in Melbourne today!