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May 12, 2022 3 min read

Many people get into fitness for various reasons, such as looking good, maintaining their body, or losing weight. However, there are some people to do it to build their buttocks. This is done by strengthening the gluteal muscles, more commonly known as glutes. While exercises such as squats are enough, some increase the intensity of their glute workouts by adding a resistance band.

A resistance band is a type of elastic band used to increase pressure while exercising. Since the glutes are the target, using a resistance band to target this muscle group is efficient because it targets the glutes without relying on weight. Furthermore, this is a good combination for backside enhancement since it targets the glutes and strengthens the back muscles, which are responsible for holding the band.

To help you get started with your glute workout using a resistance band, you can try the following routines:

#1 - Resistance Band Squats

The resistance band squat is an exercise where you will have to hold the band around your waist. While holding the band, you will squat while your feet are shoulder-width apart. The resistance is the glutes, and the pressure is the band you're saving around your waist. Repeat this exercise 12 times, then rest for a minute. Perform three sets.

#2 - Resistance Band Sumo Squats

The resistance band sumo squats are similar to the resistance band squats, but you will be holding the band around your feet this time. You will also need a band that has a sufficient amount of tension.

Hold the band around your feet and squat as low as you can. Repeat the exercise 12 times. Rest for a minute, then perform three sets.

#3 - Resistance Band Clam Shells

The resistance band clam shells are done with a band placed around the ankles. While holding on to the band, you will position yourself as if you're doing a clam shell exercise.

Simultaneously open your legs until they are at a 90-degree angle and squeeze your glutes. Repeat the exercise 15 times. It’s recommended to rest for a minute between sets. Perform three sets of the exercise.

#4 - Resistance Band Glute Bridges

The resistance band glute bridge is an exercise that can be done using any band. However, it's best for beginners to use a light to medium-tension band.

Position yourself on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat, and feet together. You should keep the band securely under your glutes. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the floor until they are almost level with the floor. Hold for 5 seconds, lower your hips and repeat the exercise 15 times. Rest for a few minutes, then repeat the exercise 3 more times.

#5 - Resistance Band Kickbacks

The resistance band kickbacks can be achieved using an exercise band tied around your feet. As your feet hold the band, you will stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, your back straight, and your hands on your hips.

As you stand upright, squeeze your glutes and pull the band backward. Bend your knees slightly as you perform this exercise. Do 12 repetitions, then rest for a few minutes. Do three sets of the resistance band kickbacks exercise.

#6 - Resistance Band Good Mornings

The resistance band good mornings is done using a band tied around your shins. It is recommended for beginners to use a light to medium tension band. As you hold the band around your shins, stand with your legs shoulder-width distance apart, your back straight, and your hands on your hips.

Bend over and hunch your back as you pull the band backward. Squeeze your glutes and do 12 repetitions. Rest for a few minutes, then repeat the exercise 3 more times.

#7 - Resistance Band Side Kicks

The resistance band side kick is an exercise done using a resistance band placed around your ankles. While holding the band, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and raise your heels as high as possible. Repeat the exercise 15 times, then rest for a few minutes. Repeat the exercise 3 times.


Using a resistance band is a great way to enhance your glute workout. It targets the glutes, but it also targets the back muscles, which help hold the band. As long as you keep exercising the glutes, you will notice that they are getting bigger and firmer.

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