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November 24, 2022 3 min read

Resistance bands are a great way to make your workouts more effective. They provide resistance, which helps to build muscle and burn fat. There are a variety of resistance band exercises you can do that target different muscle groups. Resistance bands are also a great way to add variety to your workouts.

Adding resistance bands to your workout routine can help improve your performance. The extra load from the bands can make exercises more challenging, and the bands can also help with muscle activation, including activating your glutes. If you're looking for a way to make your workouts more effective, you should consider adding resistance bands to your routine.

2 Types of Resistance Bands

Here are the two types of resistance bands and which exercises you can use them for:

  • Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great for people who want the extra intensity to their workout routine. They are also great for people who want to increase muscle activation. These are best for crab walk, hip abduction, and glute kickback.

  • Long Resistance Bands

Long resistance bands are elastic bands that are looped and commonly used to increase or reduce the intensity of an exercise. They can be attached to gym equipment, such as pull-up bars, to make the exercise easier or more difficult.

You can make resistance band exercises more challenging by using a longer band or by wrapping the band around your body. For example, when doing push-ups, you can wrap the band around your back and hold the ends of the band in each hand. This will add resistance and make the exercise more difficult.

The long resistance bands are great for shoulder presses, upright rows, and good mornings. They provide resistance and help to keep your form in check.

Why Exercise with Resistance Bands 

  1. Resistance bands are a great way to make your workouts more challenging and improve your muscular strength. By adding extra resistance, you can make any exercise more difficult and help improve your results.
  1. Resistance bands are an excellent way to improve your flexibility and mobility, especially if you find it difficult to hold challenging positions. By gradually working with resistance bands, you can increase your range of motion and improve your overall flexibility.
  1. It helps rehabilitate injuries. Resistance bands are a great option for people of all fitness levels. You can choose the right band and exercises to suit your goals.
  1. Adding resistance band exercises to your workout routine is a great way to add extra resistance and improve your results. It also reduces the risk of injuries in the future.
  1. It is suitable for all fitness levels, perfect for people who want to get a workout but need more space or time.

Resistance Bands for Total Body Strength

If you're looking for a workout to help you build full-body strength, consider adding resistance band exercises to your routine. These exercises can be done anywhere and are a great way to add variety to your workouts.

If you want a full-body resistance band workout, you can complete two rounds of all exercises above. Or, you can pick a few of your favourite exercises from the list and incorporate them into your workout routine.

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