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November 12, 2021 3 min read

Calisthenics is a difficult type of exercise. It mostly uses the body weight of a person and no equipment. It requires incredible strength and power, which may seem overwhelming at first.

However, resistance bands are one of the equipment that calisthenics actually uses. With the help of exercise bands, one can slowly work their way up to do calisthenics with ease. This article will teach you more about resistance bands and how to incorporate them into your workout.

What Is a Resistance Band?

A resistance band is a piece of workout equipment made of latex. It is often used in different types of workouts to increase resistance, helping with muscle strength. However, with calisthenics, the bands provide additional support to make the workout easier.

There are various types of resistance bands. They differ in length, thickness and accessories. Each band is also used for a different purpose.

It is important to be familiar with the different types of bands and their purposes. You need to make sure you have the correct equipment for your exercises.

Using Resistance Bands for Warm-Ups

Now that you are more familiar with what exercise bands are, you can now start incorporating them into your workout. For calisthenics, the warm-up is an important part as it helps activate your muscles. If you don’t do warm-ups before working out, you may end up injuring yourself. Warm-ups are necessary, no matter your fitness level. So whether you are a gym buff or someone new to working out, don’t skip on warm-ups.

With the use of resistance bands, you can level up your warm-up. It can help you prepare your body, especially your shoulders. Once activated properly, the muscles will be more flexible and can help make the exercise easier.

The top three shoulder warm-up exercises for the shoulder are:

1. Dislocates

To do this exercise, you must hold the band with your hands in front of your body. Ensure that your arms are stretched out in front and that the band is also pulled from end to end. Then, pull over the band behind your body until aligned with your hips and bring it back to the front.

2. Chest Bounces

Hold the exercise band in front of the body and stretch out the resistance band. Then bring your arms out to the side so that the band touches your chest. Go back to the first position and repeat in a bouncing motion.

3. Shoulder Press

Step on the band with both your feet and bring up the band until it is lined up with your collarbone. Then press up and straighten your arms with the band pushed in front of the body. Make sure that your core is engaged while doing this exercise.

Resistance Bands for Calisthenics

Using exercise bands in calisthenics is a good idea. It greatly helps with the warm-up, making the exercises easier. However, it is important to do this properly to make sure you don't hurt yourself and push back your progress. Now that you know how to use resistance bands for calisthenics, it’s time to find the resistance band appropriate for your exercise. 

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