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June 02, 2022 3 min read

Powerbands are one of the earliest innovations in resistance training, dating back to the early 20th century when they were originally used as a rehabilitation tool. They were originally made of surgical tubing, but today they are easier to find worldwide in fitness and rehabilitation centres. 

Resistance bands are portable training tools that can be used almost anywhere for a full-body workout. They are effective, versatile, affordable, and powerful. They increase strength and stability while burning fat and toning lean muscle. People use them to work their entire body, which challenges virtually every muscle group.

Here's why resistance bands are a must-have in workouts:

1. It's Versatile

Resistance bands are a simple device that can be used to work the entire body. The resistance changes throughout the exercise, but the same basic motion is used to target the muscles used throughout the exercise.

2. It's Affordable

Resistance bands are an affordable workout solution. A basic set of resistance bands can be purchased at most stores where sporting goods are sold and numerous online retailers. A simple set of two or one bands of a wide range of resistance levels will get you started. You can start with the lightest resistance level and work your way up as you get stronger and stronger.

3. It's Portable

Resistance bands are portable. You can easily take them with you and use them anywhere. You can use them at home, at the office, at work, in your hotel room, anywhere. Roll them up and put them in your bag, roll them out and get to work!

4. It's Effective in Workouts

Resistance bands are effective in workouts. They come in various resistance levels, so you can gradually grow from the lightest bands to heavier resistance levels. They can stretch muscles and increase strength for beginners to more advanced exercises for the experienced.

5. It Can Be Used with Familiar Exercises

Resistance bands are great for using with familiar exercises. They can be used with your favourite activities or add new or different resistance levels to familiar practices to make them more challenging.

Resistance bands are versatile, easy to use, and can help you get stronger. There are a variety of exercises that you can use with resistance bands. Using them with familiar exercises can be a great way to increase their effectiveness and challenge your muscles.

6. It's Adaptable to Multiple Fitness Levels 

Resistance bands are adaptable to multiple fitness levels. They are generally easier to use with beginners, but you can use them to challenge yourself as you get stronger. Beginners can start with lighter resistance bands, while more advanced users can work their way up to heavier resistance bands. It's also easy to adjust the resistance level as you work out to account for muscle fatigue.

7. It Comes in Varying Types and Sizes

You can find resistance bands in varying types and sizes. There are different colours, varying levels of resistance, or varying lengths of resistance bands. When looking for resistance bands, make sure you get the right set for your fitness level and intended purpose. Light resistance bands are for beginners, and heavy resistance bands are for more advanced users.


Resistance bands may be one of the oldest exercise tools, but they are also one of the most effective. You can use them to exercise your entire body, from head to toe. They are simple and effective, portable and easy to use. No matter your level of experience with resistance training or your fitness level, resistance bands are a must-have in your workout arsenal.

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