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January 07, 2022 3 min read

Resistance bands and free weights have their ups and downs. Resistance bands are lightweight and portable, but they offer constant tension, unlike free weights. Meanwhile, weights like barbells and dumbbells can fill the roles that resistance bands can't. But what about when you want to fill those roles that resistance bands aren't equipped to handle? It's for that reason that you want both resistance bands and free weights. We continue our discussion on why resistance bands and weights are the perfect combination to maximize the results of your workout.

Benefits of Combining Resistance Bands with Weights

Resistance bands are perfect for beginners who don't have the core strength to start barbell and dumbbell exercises. However, the disadvantage of resistance bands is that they offer constant tension, making it difficult to develop strength. Free weights, on the other hand, offer a variable resistance, which is great for building strength. The combination of these two components will help you develop both strength and lean muscle. Here are some of the known benefits of using both:

Increased Muscle Tone

Free weights have a higher surface area to contain the weight, allowing you to do more repetitions, thus creating a stronger muscle. The same principle applies to resistance bands. Free weights enable you to increase the muscle tone because they enable you to do more repetitions.

Greater Physiological Response

Free weights provide greater stimulation from better muscle engagement, more resistance variations, and a greater range of motion. This happens because of the variable resistance in free weights.

Enhanced Core Strength and Stability

Free weights and resistance bands both have their own pros and cons. However, when you combine both, you get the benefits of both, which are free weights' stability and resistance bands' physiologic response. This combination is especially good for beginners and those who want to improve their workout routine.

Increased Muscular Endurance

Free weights are the better option for building long-term muscle endurance. Resistance bands, on the other hand, do not develop endurance.

Greater Strength Gains

Free weights offer more significant strength gains. Why? The reason is that the increased range of motion stimulates more muscle fibres.

Higher Energy Expenditure

Free weights offer greater energy expenditure and a higher heart rate response. On the other hand, resistance bands can actually reduce the energy expenditure and the heart rate response.

Greater Weight Loss

Free weights are the best option for weight loss because they offer a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercise, which is the most effective method of weight loss.

Developing a Stronger Core

Free weights are better at activating the core muscles than resistance bands and other bodyweight exercises. While it is possible to activate the core when using resistance bands, it is difficult to develop the same strength. Resistance bands do not require the use of the core, so you won't be able to build core strength as easily as with free weights.


As you can see, resistance bands and weights are both effective tools for working out. However, a combination of the two is the best way to maximize your strength and lean muscle gains while burning more calories and losing more weight. Resistance bands do offer their own unique benefits, but the combination with free weights is what makes them effective. If you haven't tried using both bands and weights, this is probably the best time to do so.

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