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Fabric 1M Power Band Complete Set

1m  Fabric Bands

Fabric Bands bring a new dimension to POWERBAND training in the way of comfort and cleanliness. Whilst still aiding similar versatility as our latex 1M POWERBANDS, they are kinder to the skin and less likely to catch hair when in use! Fabric Bands are well suited to run through the washing machine when they’ve been subjected to countless sweaty workouts.  

The most versatile fitness product the world has ever known…. 1m Fabric POWERBANDS allow you to undertake an infinite number of assistive or resistive actions to perform almost any method of movement desired. From pre-workout activation and deepening stretches to recreating almost every gym exercise under load.  

  • Increase the intensity of bodyweight movements (i.e. Squat, overhead press)
  • Decrease the intensity of bodyweight movements to aid progression (i.e. pullups/muscle ups/dips)
  • Mobility movements
  • Whole-body conditioning
  • Agility training  
  • Rehabilitation

1m Fabric POWERBANDS are manufactured utilising an incredibly durable poly-elastic woven into a triple strength cotton weaved band. We take pride in knowing that POWERBANDS are the highest quality resistance bands you can get your hands on.  

1metre Fabric Powerbands:

X-Light (Yellow) – 1000mm x 30mm (1-10kg resistance)

Light (Green) – 1000mm x 30mm (4-16kg resistance)

Medium (Green) -   1000mm x 30mm (8-24kg resistance)

Heavy (Blue) – 1000mm x 30mm (12-36kg at resistance) --

X-Heavy (Black) – 1000mm x 30mm (18-48kg resistance)


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Darren Burns
Good for travel

Using them while travelling up the rest cost Aus on my motorbike. Lightweight and good quality.

James Neilson
Very disappointing

Weak, poor stretch feel (small range of motion), not recommended at all. Maybe the regular rubber ones would have been better, I would avoid these fabric ones.

Mark Bothe

Best bands I've used. They don't pinch and are really strong

Great product

Great bands, light weight and strong.

Don Ryan

Fabric 1M Power Band Complete Set