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1m Power Band Double Set

1m Power Bands 

The most versatile fitness product the world has ever known…. 1m POWERBANDS allow you to undertake an infinite number of assistive or resistive actions to perform almost any method of movement desired. From pre-workout activation and deepening stretches to recreating almost every gym exercise under load.  

  • Increase the intensity of bodyweight movements (i.e. Squat, overhead press)
  • Decrease the intensity of bodyweight movements to aid progression (i.e. pull-ups/muscle-ups/dips)
  • Mobility movements
  • Whole-body conditioning
  • Agility training  
  • Rehabilitation

POWERBANDS are manufactured from 100% layered latex technology and cured via a lengthy process that ensures absolute maximum lifespan. Powerbands are the  highest quality resistance bands you can get your hands on.  Bar None.

X-Light (Yellow) – 1000mm x 6.5mm (1-7kg resistance) X 2

Light (Red) – 1000mm x 13mm (3-15kg resistance)  X 2

Medium (Black) -   1000mm x 21mm (10-30kg resistance)  X 2

Heavy (Purple) – 1000mm x32mm (12-45kg resistance)  X 2

X-Heavy (Green) – 1000mm x 45mm (18-50kg resistance)  X 2

XX-Heavy (Blue) – 1000 x 64mm (24-65kg resistance)  X 2

XXX-Heavy (Orange) – 1000 x 85mm (30-80kg resistance)  X 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mia Ash
The best I've used

Arrived quickly and super impressed with the quality. It's always motivating to workout with new equipment and these are a substantial upgrade over what I had. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to take their fitness seriously!

Chris Beck
Great investment

We wanted a comprehensive range of bands for our clients, feedback has been terrific, great boost for our fitness studio