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Assisted Pull Up Pack Plus

Assisted Pull Up Pack Plus

The perfect pack for those that weigh 50-90kg and want assistance to progress to body weight chin ups with our most popular 30cm bands for mobilisation and infinite trainign options in a small and affordable package

Whether you’re trying to achieve your first pull-up or seeking assistance to hit a muscle up, the pull-up pack has you covered with three POWERBANDS to get you up to the bar. Simply loop a 1m POWERBAND over the pull-up bar and insert your foot or knee into the band to de-load a portion of your bodyweight.  

As your strength increases, the need for assistance will decrease. The Assisted Pull Up Pack is an absolute must for scalable progression of pull-ups and muscle-ups.

1m Powerbands:

X-Light (Yellow) – 1000mm x 6.5mm (Up to 7kg of assistance)

Light (Red) – 1000mm x 13mm (Up to 15kg assistance)

Medium (Black) - 1000mm x 21mm (Up to 30kg assistance)


30cm Powerbands:

X-Light (Yellow) – 300mmmm x 50mm (1-4kg resistance)

Light (Red) – 300mmmm x 50mm (2-6kg resistance)

Medium (Orange) -   300mm x 50mm (4-8kg resistance)

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Top Tier Product

Excellent product. Top quality and more than fairly priced. No need to try anything else.