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30cm Micro Band Complete Set

30 cm Latex Power Bands

The ultimate tool for pre-workout activation, rehab, and a wide range of resisted abduction and adduction movements. 30cm POWERBANDS have earned their keep as a versatile tool that is largelyutilised for overall mobility and injury prevention with a particular focus on the hips, glutes, and shoulders to increase strength and stability.

Made from 100% layered latex technology and cured via a stringent process, we know that our 30cm POWERBANDS are the highest quality resistance bands available.

X-Light (Yellow) – 300mmmm x 50mm (1-4kg resistance)

Light (Red) – 300mmmm x 50mm (2-6kg resistance)

Medium (Orange) -   300mm x 50mm (4-8kg resistance)

Heavy (Blue) – 300mmmm x 50mm (6-10kg resistance) --

X-Heavy (Grey) – 300mmmm x 50mm (8-12kg resistance)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Blackwell
Terriffic bands

Very high quality latex bands... the fabric ones are more durable again but these are cheap and easy for my clients...delivered in under 48 hours too

Joel Brown
Great product

Really happy with this set of powerbands, great product and got them in good time. Really helped with my recovery after surgery.

Phill Stock
Perfect set

Great value and much easier than buying all individually. Can be used for so many different exercises.