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December 02, 2021 3 min read

Coming up with a workout routine means that you need to choose different exercises that would be able to train and tone various parts of your body. Pullups are usually recommended when you want to work on the upper body a little better, improving your strength and overall fitness.

Some find them a little challenging to fulfil in their workout routine. Others may even go as far as dreading or deleting them, but there are so many alternatives to doing so. For example, using certain help to perform the pullups allows you usual benefits and more. Keep reading to learn more about assisted pullups and what you’d need for them:

What Are Assisted Pullups?

Regular pullups usually consist of gripping an overhead bar and using your upper body to raise yourself up enough that your chin is above the bar. This can be a challenge due to weight, gravity, your own strength and several other factors involving your body.

Assisted pullups are pretty much the same, but with the use of different assistance options that can help you while you’re still building your strength and working on your form. The goal is still the same, where you need to be able to lift at least your chin above the overhead bar.

What Are the Benefits of Assisted Pullups?

As implied above, pullups allow you to work on your grip and upper body strength, which perfects your overall fitness. Assisted pull-ups add an extra layer of advantage, such as working on your form and stability.

Since your attention will be split between your assistance option and building your strength to pull up your body, great coordination will be moulded. With that coordination comes added knowledge of using certain tools and improved mental strength as well.

What Do You Need to Do Assisted Pullups?

There are several choices when it comes to doing your assisted pullups, with each one having its own perks. Just be sure to choose which one is the most suitable and helpful to your workout routine. Your assistance options are:

  • A Partner. Getting partner-assisted pullups involve having another person support the lower part of your body, specifically the hips, to guide the lower part of your body. This exercise can be rather fun with the right person, but that sense of touch and need for the presence of another person can make any person self-conscious about themselves.
  • Furniture. Using a chair or any other type of furniture eliminates that factor of getting self-conscious, as you place it under the pull-up bar for you to step on and press off of when needed. Furniture can be rather hard to adjust and prepare, though, and tougher to get out of the way afterwards as well.
  • Resistance Bands. Assisted pullup resistance bands are ideal workout equipment for both the fitness facility and your personal home gym. They’re quite easy to take and put away, and there’s no awkwardness involved. All you have to do is position the resistance band to create a hanging loop around the bar for your body while practising.
  • Conclusion

    Pullups are quite beneficial to have in your exercise routine, so don’t eliminate them just because you don’t have the strength yet. Pick an assistance option that would allow you and your body to perform a pullup in your workout.

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