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September 17, 2021 3 min read

There are a great many options for strength training tools available nowadays for would-be home gym buffs. Aside from getting the standard dumbbell set, resistance bands are a must-have for any home gym! When you take a first glance at these simple bands of rubber, it may not be evident right away how they can help in a workout. 

They may look unassuming, but you may be surprised to learn that one band may be enough o tone and strengthen multiple muscle groups! If you are looking for the next set of equipment to add to your home gym collection, this article will give you reasons to invest in a set of high-quality resistance bands!

Types of Resistance Bands

There are different types of resistance bands designed to provide varying levels of resistance (as their name implies) to people looking for a full-body workout. Here are the types of resistance bands you have to choose from. 

1 - Traditional Bands

These bands will have varying thickness, accounting for the amount of resistance each band will put up. Most traditional bands will be long, cylindrical tubes that will have plastic handles attached to the ends. 

2 - Looped Bands

This variation will be similar to traditional bands but without the handles at the ends. 

3 - Braided Tubes

Four strands of tubes are braided together to form these braided tubes. They also provide different levels of resistance but are more durable than traditional bands. 

4 - Flat Bands

These bands are flat and will work well for physical therapy exercises and more subtle workouts for senior citizens. 

Benefits of Strength Training with Resistance Bands

Many benefits accompany using resistance bands in your training. Here is a list of the best benefits that will come to you once you start using them.

1 - They Are Extremely Versatile

You can use them across different types of workout routines. They can be used during strength training, warm-up, and cool-down exercises. 

2 - You Can Take Them on the Go

Resistance bands are incredibly portable. You can carry them and fit them comfortably in your bag if you go out of town or on vacation. You will essentially be able to fit an entire gym into your bag.

3 - They Are Not Expensive

Resistance bands are not expensive. If you want to work out and are on a budget, these bands will help you stay on track with your budget and get one step closer to reaching your fitness and health goals.

Choosing Your Resistance Bands

One way to know if a resistance band is the right one to use is if it offers just the right amount of pull when you use it. If it seems too easy or too difficult to use the band, it means you are not using the right one. Remember that different bands and different amounts of resistance. You can use a different band for each type of exercise you do. 


If you are a new and aspiring gym buff hoping to reach peak fitness levels, you can do so with resistance bands! Should your goal be to build a home gym for yourself, a great start would be to get a set of resistance bands! They will provide you with the equipment needed to get a full-body workout and come in handy even when you add other gym equipment to your collection. 

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