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September 17, 2021 3 min read

Many people use resistance bands instead of weights for exercise and training. Unless you are going through serious weightlifting or bodybuilding programs, resistance bands are excellent weight equipment replacements.

The best Australian resistance bands are tough and durable enough for good resistance training. They are also elastic enough for comfortable pulling. You can choose different resistance levels for progress in your training training.

Why Should I Use Resistance Bands instead of Weights?

Why use resistance bands instead of weights? For one, they don’t weigh much, and you can carry them around in your pocket. Resistance bands are convenient to use. They offer lightweight to moderate resistance for exercises and workout sessions.

You can use these workout bands as an alternative to weights. You don’t have to lug around extra weights and need storage space for them. These bands offer the same level of resistance weight that’s equal to light to medium dumbbell weights.

Another added feature of bands is their level of safety compared to free weights. You can get injured when you adjust to bigger heavier weights, or if you pull or sway some muscles or joints wrong. You cannot accidentally drop them or injure your forearm joints when training because you’re not carrying much.

Bands are available in different tension strengths that can match your needed weight resistance. They can even match the forces produced by traditional weights. Bands are super convenient and light alternate gear you can use for those who only need light impact resistance. It works well for physical rehabilitation and healing exercises as well.

Strength Training and Other Uses

You can do resistance training using different tensile strength bands to provide weight tension. You can apply it for strength training resistance on arm and leg exercises. With different pull-up bands, you can do a range of activities and resistance weight training with a safer method than weights.

You can use them instead for lighter impact but still with suitable resistance for workouts and stretching. They are a safer and convenient alternative with fewer risks of overexertion or minor joint and muscle injury.

X-light and light bands are perfect for therapy training. These are best suited for injured and physical rehab patients. They are also suitable for patients that need minimal level resistance while moving for healing.

Bands on the medium level are for average strength training and stretching. Meanwhile, the Heavy and X-Heavy bands can provide heavy resistance weights to match moderate weight training and exercises.

Guides in Proper Usage

When doing specific exercises and stretching, remember to use the proper band elasticity and resistance levels. Do not underestimate its lack of weight, as the elastic weight resistance might be too hard and can cause minor injuries. Using the right level of resistance bands can help you exercise at the right level without wearing you out.

Final Notes

You can also use resistance bands for training and exercise instead of weights. You will use its resistance weight instead of the weight force for your training or workout. It is considered more low impact than using weights, with fewer risks for injuries.

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