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August 25, 2022 3 min read

The truth is, and most of us know it, you don’t need much equipment to get a stellar workout. Whether it’s playing outside with your children or doing some reps on your staircase, feeling the burn doesn’t have to be complicated. If the only equipment you have are a jump rope and a few resistance bands at home, did you know you can already get one of the best workouts of your life? We've collated a few jump rope exercises and resistance band workouts that you can do anywhere.

Many people want to exercise but cannot afford the membership fees or equipment. This does not mean they are lazy or unmotivated; it just means they have to be more creative about how they get their exercise. Here are some effective routines you can do with a simple jump rope and some POWERBANDS®! Are you ready?

For Jump Ropes

  • Crossovers: To do a crossover jump, hold the ends of the jump rope in each hand and cross the rope in front of your body while you are in the air. This move is more difficult than a regular jump because it works the muscles between your shoulders and forearms. If you find it difficult, try alternating between regular and crossover jumps.
  • Turns: Can you turn and jump rope at the same time? You can turn and jump rope simultaneously by incorporating a half turn (180 degrees) into your jump rope routine. This will help work out your quads and calves. Jumping and turning is not always easy, so you might want to start while jogging and turning the rope. Next, try doing a turn in smaller hops. Finally, try doing a half turn.
  • Jump rope jacks: A jump rope jack is a jump rope move that is done by turning the jump rope like normal but keeping your feet moving in and out between turns like a jumping jack. You don't move your arms, only your legs.


  • Front squats: Stand in the middle of a resistance band with your feet at shoulder width. Hold the handle, and raise the band's top over your shoulder. Squat down, keeping your core tight, your chest, and your knees over your toes. Stand back up, and repeat for eight reps.
  • Leg extensions: You can strengthen your quads by placing a resistance band on support and looping the other end around the ankle. Step away from the support, keeping feet hip-width apart, and shift weight onto the left leg. Slowly lift the right leg from the floor, keeping the knee in line with the hip, and repeat eight times before switching legs.
  • Lateral band walks: Step into the middle of a looped resistance band and place it around your lower legs. Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself into a half-squat and start to sidestep. Move one leg slightly and the next out while keeping the band taut.
  • Sit-ups: Raise your legs into a curl position while wearing the band around your thighs. Extend and do sit-ups; the resistance results in added pressure.

Feel the Power with POWERBANDS®

Try these workouts at home with yourPOWERBANDS® today! Our resistance bands promote movement, activation, resistance, assistance, and recovery through the finest quality materials. Order from our online shop now!