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October 28, 2021 3 min read

Everyone wants a toned, well-shaped, and healthy body, and we often use whatever equipment we can to sculpt ourselves and reach our fitness goals. However, not all of us have the resources and space for a fully equipped home workout station. Also, going to the gym can be awkward, stressful, or even unsafe for some of us. Because of this, there’s an increasing need for an exercise tool that’s versatile, effective, portable, and not too expensive. Fortunately, resistance bands exist.

What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are the ultimate workout companion. These tools may seem simple, but their benefits and applications are unmatched. For such lightweight equipment, you can do more intense, fat-burning, and strength-building exercises compared to lifting weights. They’re highly portable as well, which can be excellent for people on the go. You can use them at home, at the park, at the gym, or even in the office—if they allow you to.

There are many types of resistance bands, from the thin and sleek micro bands to the broader yoga bands, and they all have their benefits. Different sizes provide a wide variety of uses, and they allow you to target both superficial and deep muscle groups that standard weightlifting exercises typically leave untouched.

Resistance bands are steadily gaining popularity all over the world because of their numerous benefits. However, along with their prevalence come numerous misconceptions about them. To help clear up false notions about these quality workout tools, we’ve written a two-part series explaining the myths and facts about power bands. Let’s debunk some of them below:

Misconception #1: They Aren’t Effective for Strength Training

Resistance bands produce enough tension to provide you with deep, intense workout sessions. Similar to how weights resist your muscles’ pulling and pushing due to gravity, resistance bands also provide opposing elastic forces that help increase your muscle size and strength.

Introducing stress to your muscles is key to toning and strengthening them, and resistance bands can provide you with this. With regular use, you can target multiple muscle groups and get that strong, sculpted body you desire.

Misconception #2: Serious Athletes Have No Use for Them

It’s a common misconception that resistance bands are just for those who just want to up their light exercise routines, but even competitive athletes regularly use them for training. They’re excellent for building strength and endurance and supplementing their regular, intense regimens.

Misconception #3: They Cannot Handle Intense Workout Regimens

Resistance bands are lightweight and portable, leading many to believe that they will just break and snap due to intense pulls and stretches. However, they’re actually made from highly durable materials, especially when they’re from quality brands like POWERBANDS®. They can handle immense forces without the risk of being compromised.

Misconception #4: They Stretch Out and Lose Their Effectiveness

It’s normal for resistance bands to extend their resting length after a few initial uses. However, the pull force remains the same even after thousands of repetitions. This means that the bands don’t weaken and lose effectiveness with continuous use.

The Takeaway

Resistance bands are rising in popularity. Although many people hail its countless benefits, some have their doubts because of the numerous misconceptions surrounding this state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Now that we’ve cleared up some of them, stay tuned for the second part of the series, where we debunk more false notions!

If you’re looking for qualityresistance bands in Australia, POWERBANDS® has what you need. We offer a range of bands in various colours and sizes, allowing you to choose the workout companion that suits your needs. Stay fit and healthy—get yours today!