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March 17, 2023 3 min read

Staying active is crucial to living a fulfilling and healthy life, especially as we age. Besides helping you maintain a healthy weight, regular physical activity can minimise your risk of developing severe health conditions. It can also help you remain independent by preventing physical mobility loss. 

However, you must use the proper exercise forms and techniques for the best results. Unfortunately, traditional fitness equipment doesn’t guarantee this because it usually causes injury. For this reason, you should pick up your favourite power band and consider variable resistance training. 

If you want the best results without going to the gym, this article will discuss five reasons to add variable resistance training and power bands to your incoming workout sessions.

  1. Variable Resistance Training Offers a Great Variety

The best exercise tools are those you can use for different purposes and situations. Unfortunately, bulky equipment like barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells can’t offer versatility for your workout routine because they only work your arm and leg muscles. This exercise gear may also not be ideal for some people, especially if you’ve recently started your fitness journey.

Fortunately, you can build more muscle and get in shape by investing in power bands. These versatile tools let you target all major muscle groups, tone your upper body, and minimise lower body fat with various exercises. They’re also ideal for helping people reach their body goals, regardless of their fitness level. 

  1. Variable Resistance Training Can Be Suitable for Starters

A healthier self begins once you convince yourself to practise better habits and follow a routine. Unfortunately, entering the gym and seeing the bulky workout equipment can be scary for beginners. Dumbbells can also be terrifying because they can cause injury if you’re not careful. 

You can begin your fitness journey without feeling overwhelmed by adding variable resistance training to your routine. Unlike heavy weights, resistance training is easy and less risky. Power bands are also an excellent alternative to weights because they’re lightweight and don’t require as much coaching to use safely. 

  1. Power Band Exercises Work Best for Mobility Training

Moving your body fluidly and unrestrictedly is crucial to your overall physical health and wellness, especially as you age. Unfortunately, moving can be difficult for older adults because of joint pain and chronic illness. 

Investing in quality power bands lets you dynamically improve mobility without straining your muscles. This flexible and customisable tool also works best for professional athletes and all fitness enthusiasts to get the most out of their mobility workouts. 

  1. Power Band Workouts Are Ideal for Hectic Schedules and Frequent Travellers

Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial for a happy and worry-free life. However, getting the proper exercise can be challenging if you always have hectic schedules and frequently travel for work. Not finding a nearby gym or accessing other workout equipment can also be frustrating. 

Fortunately, you can make things easier by packing a set of power bands in your suitcase. Unlike traditional gym equipment, they’re lightweight and easy to pack, helping you stay in shape wherever you go. 

  1. Power Band Exercises Are for Everyone

Sometimes, there are days when we don’t want to leave home and hit the gym. However, it’s necessary for your fitness journey. 

Fortunately, power bands are a great way to get an intense workout without leaving home. You can use them for various activities, such as stretching, warming up, squats, and bicep curls. They can also help you increase the intensity of your exercise quickly and effectively. Moreover, anyone can get a resistance band online with a few clicks. 

Staying Flexible and Healthy

Adults must exercise regularly to reduce their risks of developing severe conditions. You can stay active without using bulky workout equipment by adding variable resistance training and power bands to your incoming sessions. 

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