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March 10, 2023 3 min read

Being a responsible parent means attending to your child's needs. It's crucial to help them grow strong and well-rounded individuals. Besides feeding them the right food, you must also dedicate at least 30 minutes of exercise to minimise their risk of developing chronic conditions. 

However, finding the right exercises for your kids can be tricky, especially if they're not fond of staying active. For this reason, you need power bands. They're lightweight and easy-to-use tools that can help kids get a good workout. 

If you want to improve your child's strength and coordination, this article will enumerate some power band exercises you can try and how resistance bands can benefit young athletes. 

1. Exercise Like a Train

Children can positively associate working out when you create a fun activity and allow everyone to have fun. You can make exercise sessions memorable by letting your kids exercise like a train.

Begin with the power band behind your back, gripping it with both hands close to your waist. Next, put your arms in front of you for twelve counts and imitate the sounds of a train. Once you reach the twelfth count, push your hands to the sky twice and yell, "Choo, choo!" 

2. Hold the Note

Strong lungs are essential for children because it helps them breathe efficiently. You can help your kids build stronger lungs by adding vocal exercises to your workout routine. 

Start by grabbing the middle of the power band with both bands. Next, lift your arms above your head and close your fists together. Then, move your hands apart while pulling on the exercise tool and stretching it out. 

Hold your arms wide apart and belt out your highest note for five seconds. End by bringing your fists back together and finishing your opera song!

3. Do Some Squats 

You can help your kids stay active and strengthen their lower bodies by adding power bands to a squat exercise. Let them hold the exercise tool behind their legs and have them lower and raise their knees. Always ensure they don’t bend their knees more than 90 degrees because it can cause injury. Moreover, let them repeat this step to strengthen their legs.

4. Do Chopping Exercises 

Performing chopping exercises with power bands is one of the best ways to build core strength. Let your children begin standing with the resistance band around their ankles and arms raised above their heads. Next, make them use the resistance band to move their arms in a chopping motion in front of their knees, keeping their arms close to their sides. 

5. Fly like Birds 

This exercise can help strengthen your child’s shoulders. To do it, let your kids stand and hold the power bands behind their backs. They should pull the exercise tool forward, then out to their sides. Next, move the arms forward until they’re in a T-position, then lower the band behind them. Repeat this exercise to work the shoulder muscles. 

6. Row the Boat

Begin by ensuring your children place the power band around their ankles and then instruct them to pull their arms back and move them in a rowing-like motion. Repeat this step for a few minutes to improve strength and endurance. 

Are Resistance Bands Ideal for Speed Workouts? 

Experts don’t recommend weightlifting for younger athletes because it can sometimes stunt growth. On the other hand, power bands are ideal for building strength without putting too much strain on the body. They’re also a safer alternative to building core power and stability. Moreover, it can test the user’s speed and agility. 

Starting Them Young

Getting your children to become fitness enthusiasts at a young age can help them live happier and healthier lives. Adding colourful power bands and implementing fun can make exercise more fun. 

POWERBANDS® strive to help our young customers grow strong and healthy through physical activity and high-qualitypower bands in Australia. Shop now to enjoy fun workout sessions!