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April 07, 2022 3 min read

It’s not that difficult to design your own band workouts. The key is not the design as much as it is choosing the correct exercises to put into the workout. 

The following are the five critical steps to designing your own home band workouts:

1. Choose Your Exercises

First things first, you need to pick the exercises for your workout. Choose from the exercises in the list of resistance band exercises and pushups exercises by phasing them into a workout program.

2. Choose Your Band Setup

Next, choose the appropriate band set up for your workout. Everyone has access to different bands and strengths. The key is finding the right band for your body, though. Select a brand that is too thick or too thin, and it will work against you.

You should choose the proper band setup based on your training objectives. Choose a low-level resistance band if you are just starting out, or if you are working out the weaker side of your body. Choose a high resistance band if you are looking for a greater challenge.

If you’re looking for an effective upper body workout, you could use one band for all the exercises or two bands to work each side independently or you could use three bands to work all the muscle groups at once. For example, if you were looking to do a full-body workout, you could use three bands, one for the chest and shoulders, one for the back, legs and arms and one for the core and glutes.

3. Consider How Long the Work Interval Set Will Be

When you choose your exercise, you need to consider how long your work interval set will be. This is a very important part of the workout because it will determine your rest interval set.

For example, if you are doing a chest press, you could choose to do six repetitions, followed by a 20-second break.

Also, consider how long you want to work out. If you are looking to give your entire body a workout, you can work out for a longer period of time or split it up over 4 to 5 different workouts throughout the week.

If you are looking to work on different muscle groups throughout the week, you could have a super upper body workout on Monday and a super lower body workout on Friday. The key is you should have a plan.

4. Consider Rest Interval Between Sets

You can also choose how much rest you want to take between each set of exercises. If you are looking for a calorie-burning workout, you want to move the most number of reps per minute with the least amount of rest. If you are looking for a muscle-building workout, you want to move the same amount of reps per minute but with longer rest periods.

Your rest interval set is the number of seconds you need to rest between each work interval set. If you choose to do 20 seconds for your rest interval set, you would rest for 20 seconds after each work interval set.

The work interval set and rest interval set should be the same for each exercise in your workout. For example, if you do a 6-rep chest press, you should rest 20 seconds between each set.

5. Consider the Number of Work Sets Per Rounds

Next, you need to choose the number of work sets per round. This is the number of sets you need to complete for that particular exercise.

One way to choose this would be to decide how many work intervals sets you are going to do per round. Then, choose the total number of rounds that you want to complete.

Say you want to do a 6-rep chest press with 20-second rest intervals, you would want to do 6 work intervals sets followed by a total of 4 rounds.


Designing your own home band workout is something you would want to take seriously. The more you take it seriously, the better your chances of success. And when it comes to resistance bands, make sure you only use the best in the market.

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