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November 05, 2021 3 min read

Resistance bands, unlike other common gym equipment, are very much useful. They come in a variety of colours and are more affordable than any other portable workout device you may find in the market today. Of course, not many people may be comfortable using them, especially beginners who would like to have free reign over their movements. However, people often underestimate the benefits of having them around every once in a while.

The thing about resistance bands is that they are not limited to just one type. Depending on the part of your body that you are planning to focus on, you have resistance bands that will further develop that section, as long as it will not hinder your other muscles. One of the most notable bands that you may attain for your exercise would be the booty bands.

Basically, they are used to further strengthen and firm up your glutes. Of course, you can do exercises that would yield the same results without even using the bands, but their resistance will boost your workout and performance from the start. If you aren’t convinced about their many benefits, we have listed a couple of examples below that may help change your mind:

1. They Are Very Portable

One of the most practical features of a workout device or equipment would have to be its portability. You must be able to bring them anywhere you want, whether you are planning to do your exercises at the gym or at the park. The thing about booty bands is that they are lightweight, so unlike your dumbbells at home, you can fit them in your bag, and no one will even know that you are carrying them around.

You can bring them to work during the morning, then take them out at the gym right after your shift for the day. It’s that easy!

2. They Are Very Easy to Use

Some gym equipment is very complicated to use, let alone to assemble. People waste a lot of money on them, being enticed by the commercial that they saw before the purchase. Once their heavy-duty package arrives, reality begins to set in, and they are faced with the fact that they have to follow a small manual containing hours worth of assembly instructions.

The good thing about booty bands is that they require no assembly at all. You may just untangle them in one go, and then proceed to do all your exercises then and there. Of course, you may still need to look up the proper workout routines that are compatible with them, but booty bands require no time-consuming setups at all compared to other equipment-reliant regimens.

3. They Come In a Variety of Colours

You may argue that function will always be preferred over fashion; however, you must always remember that achieving a fit body is also about building self-confidence. If you do not develop that along with your glutes, you may not feel satisfied at all by the end of your workouts. This doesn’t mean that your exercises would all be for nothing, but think about it. Isn’t it much better to be stylish, confident, and good-looking all at the same time rather than achieve just one of those aspects?

Picking a colour that matches your workout outfit greatly contributes to your overall looks and charisma as well.


Booty bands may seem like a trivial accessory for exercises, but remember, they will always be more than that. Aside from being easy to carry around, they are also user-friendly and fashionable, depending on your preferences.

Be sure to invest in a couple of sets and see the difference they make, both in your workout and your lifestyle.

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