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July 07, 2022 2 min read

You don't need much workout equipment to get in shape. POWERBANDS are a great, inexpensive way to get a full-body workout. Today’s article will show you easy exercises you can do with resistance bands to target different areas of your body, including your legs, back, shoulders, chest, and abs!

Bicep Curls

For a more efficient bicep curl, it’s best to start the exercise with your feet on top of the POWERBANDS, making sure it’s tight. Use your hands to lift them off the ground like a normal curl with dumbbells. Even though it gets harder as you lift, ensure you are doing it correctly.

You can use multiple bands with different resistance levels if a few POWERBANDS aren't enough. You can increase the resistance as you get stronger without doing too many reps.


This is an important exercise that emphasises the chest in our body. For a better push-up workout, you will need a lighter band than the one already used in the squats. 

Remember, each POWERBANDS has its amount of resistance, so choose the one that will challenge but allow you to perform the exercise with proper form.

So before working out, apply some extra force with the resistance band to your push-up by giving it a little twist. Then hold it on both sides of your hands. Keep it behind your back, line it up under your delts, and start going to the ground.

Start by going down to the ground, then up, and repeat it several times. You will feel that the top of your contraction has the most force. As you push up more often, you will feel it is getting harder and harder with each rep.

Shoulder Press

One recommended type of exercise using a band set is the band shoulder press. Begin by unwinding the POWERBANDS in an open position and step in the middle, standing up. Grab the bands so you are inside the loop, which means both sides should have less tension.

Keeping your legs close together and your feet positioned apart a little more if you need more balance, press the bands overhead ten times for three sets. You can switch to slightly different angles, keeping your core tight.

One thing about this exercise is that the bands will rub against your arms, but it’s worth it because it works your muscles in a way that helps you raise your fitness level.


To squat with your POWERBANDS, step on the inside of the band with your legs, squat down, and then stand up, just like a barbell squat. It's always best to push with the back of your heels to help you stand up and get back to the starting position. At the top of the workout, squeeze your butt to feel the burn.

Squats are usually very effective in this exercise because they help strengthen your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. Using a mini band for a squat also helps teach proper form since it helps you push your knees out.


Make the most out of your exercises withPOWERBANDS! These workout devices improve your quality of life through movement because you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best! Get yours online today!