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July 13, 2022 3 min read

Resistance bands are cost-effective and offer a variety of exercises to help with mobility. You may vary your training by using a variety of densities and kinds of bands, making it more fun while also helping with mobility.

Even if you don't have the luxury of a home gym, you can still work out with at-home abs workouts using a resistance band.

Benefits of Resistance Bands for Core Exercises

A few simple bodyweight exercises can do wonders for your abs. The difficulty of the exercise using resistance bands varies depending on the thickness of the band, making it more challenging. With resistance bands, you can make your ab workout even more effective! Some of the other benefits of using resistance bands include:

  • Boosting movement
  • Enhancing adaptability
  • Aiding in recovery
  • Helping master the pull-up
  • Weightlifting

Resistance bands are versatile for exercising, developing, and toning muscle groups. You can use them for warming up, accessory work, making training more difficult, or various other purposes to strengthen your core.

Strengthen Your Core Using Resistance Bands

Try these four abs exercises using a resistance band to make your core workout more challenging and contour your trunk.

  • The Bicycle Crunch

  • Do this by wrapping each end of a thin band around your feet. Assume the typical bicycle crunch posture while lying flat on the floor.

    Place your hands on your head with your elbows and lean back at a 45-degree angle. Bring one leg in nearer your chest while extending the other. At the exact moment, bring your elbow to the opposite knee.

    This is a good ab workout with resistance bands since it is a bit more complex than a conventional bicycle crunch.

  • Shoulder Press with a Single Arm
  • This combination exercise, which works the abs and obliques as well as the deltoids, is suitable for stabilising the core.

    Trap the band under your feet while holding the other end with your other hand. Lift your arm over your head in a steady movement, allowing the band to sag sufficiently to enable your arm to extend.

    During this action, avoid bending your body to the side. Keep your whole trunk stable at all times.

  • Oblique Twist
  • Stand a foot apart and grip the ends of a resistance band with both hands while it is fastened to a sturdy object (such as a metal bar or a door).

    Put your hands out in front of your face and turn to face front. Twist the bands as you drag them over your torso. Return to your starting position after holding the turn for two seconds. You will target your obliques and abdominals by doing 12 repetitions of the exercise for three rounds. You may increase the workout’s difficulty by using a stronger band or reducing the amount of give in the band.

    Pulling the band from your feet up over your head might also complete the exercise. Great for increasing flexibility and mobility across the whole body.

    It is possible to do this while standing, with one leg on the ground or with both knees on the floor, making the exercise more challenging.

  • Resistance Band's Russian Twist
  • For those times when you don't have access to a ball or a weight, these Russian twists with a band are an excellent alternative.

    Open your legs in front of you and sit on the floor with your back straight. You can gently raise or keep your legs flat on the floor. Hold the band's ends at your chest and wrap them over both feet. Bend at a 45-degree angle and relax.

    Make sure to maintain the band tight while extending your arms out in front of you, keeping your core engaged. Keep your hands and elbows near the floor as possible, and rotate your body as you pull. The obliques, back, and abs are all targeted in this exercise.


    You have everything you need to shape your trunk with creativity and a few pieces of equipment. To get the best results, ensure that you change your routine with resistance bands and aim to inject variety into your workouts.

    Proper technique is also essential, and it is best to get advice on this from a trainer. If you are new to the resistance-band world, be prepared to invest in a few different sizes and ensure they are not too stretchy to prevent injury.

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