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April 07, 2022 3 min read

Fitness enthusiasts usually stay physically fit through home workouts and gym workouts. If you’re part of the latter, then quarantine is sure to have broken that routine. But, it’s still possible to stay fit at home. All you need is a proper exercise routine and the right equipment.

Space Requirements

Despite what you might think, you don’t need a garage’s worth of space to work out. Home workout equipment is designed to save as much space as possible. Most of them will need aboutfifteen to fifty square feet of space to function correctly.

Another critical factor to consider is the equipment height. If you plan to use a weight lifting machine, for example, then you’ll need a space with high ceilings. For treadmills, you might want to use a low incline model to avoid bumping your head as you run.

You have to be smart with using your storage space. You want to be able to keep your equipment after use and take it out easily when you’re working out. But if you’re working with a tight area or budget, you can consider other equipment options.

Equipment Alternatives

No one said using workout equipment is a must when exercising. There are many ways you can reintegrate exercise into your home lifestyle, with or without tools. For example, if you live in a spacious neighbourhood, you might want to start walking around the block more often.

There are also smaller, more portable workout tools you can consider using. Strength building exercises use small dumbbells and weight bars, while flexibility workouts usually need yoga mats. If you want to step up the pace, you might want to think about using resistance bands.

Equipment quality is essential too. If you’re planning to build your strength, for example, then you’ll want to get the best resistance workout equipment. Reputable fitness brands, like Powerbands, are an excellent place to start looking when you’re thinking about what to get.

Building Your Routine

Now that you’ve figured out the workout equipment you need, the next step is creating your exercise routine. The main question that comes to mind is, “What do I want to work on?” You’ll have two choices, namely, flexibility and strength.

No matter the answer, the approach will be the same: frequent exercise. The difference lies in what muscle groups you’ll need to focus on. The key is to learn what exercises work for what groups and the correct form for each.

But if you haven’t, or never (we won’t judge) exercised in a long while, you might want to start with cardiovascular exercises before other workouts. A better cardiovascular system can help you cycle more oxygen through your body and allow you to exercise more effectively. Avoid pushing yourself too much, though, and always keep your limits in mind.

Final Note

Working out at home comes with its own set of challenges. But, anyone can overcome it easily when given ample time and preparation. The biggest challenge, perhaps, will be sticking to your exercise routine. 

Exercising isn’t just something you do for a certain period. It’s a lifestyle change, a commitment to better fitness. Make sure to keep your motivations in mind as you move forward if you want to make this change stick.

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