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November 18, 2021 3 min read

Working on getting a physique that's nothing less than impressive involves a lot of lower body training. Ever wonder why squats are referred to as "the king of exercises?" When the legs undergo training, the rest of the body will end up with muscles, too. 

It's Important to Keep the Lower Body Strong

Many people pay a little too much attention to their upper body, forgetting that great arms and pecs look wildly disproportionate to skinny legs. It's not a good look, and it's not really that healthy either. Some individuals have tight hip flexors, which leads to reciprocal inhibition. That means the glutes aren't able to function the way they should, which can be pretty problematic. It can lead to poor posture, instability of the knee and hip, reduced hip extension strength and power, as well as lower back pain. On a more superficial or aesthetic level, it also means pants will wear in a rather saggy way.

This is where using a booty band can make a huge difference.

Explaining the Booty Band

As the name suggests, this is a resistance band that's looped. In some cases, it's also referred to as a glute band. The typical measurements are anywhere from 28 to 33 inches in length, around three inches wide. Material-wise, it's made of either latex, some type of rubber, or elasticated fabric.

There is a misconception that it's only ideal for female fitness enthusiasts. This is because they're usually the ones using them. Booty bands know no gender; in fact, it would benefit men just as well to use them.

Here are some workouts that can be done with a booty band for the best lower body:

  • Booty band goblet squats - Goblet squats are usually meant for a person's quadriceps. A booty band is a great way for the exercise to be converted into something focused on glutes. Quads should not be overlooked since glue exercises have plenty of hamstring activities.
  • Booty band barbell hip thrusts - These are meant to particularly work out the hamstring and glutes. Having a booty band added to barbell hip thrusts makes them even more effective. An extra challenge level comes with the additional weight.
  • Booty band side steps - Anytime there's a need for the glutes to wake up, incorporating this into a warm-up will do wonders. It's great for activation so that cardio, strength training and other lower body workouts go smoothly and effectively.

Using it is great for working the tensor fascia latae, gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus. Knees are forced to be pushed outward, with hip abductor activation getting a boost. Booty bands come in a range of strengths, worn around the legs during hip thrusts, squats and other lower body exercises. Lower-body moves become more focused on glute workouts when a booty band becomes part of the exercise.


Lower body workouts are incredibly important. A great way to elevate them is through the use of booty bands, which are looped resistance bands. Try incorporating a booty band into side steps, goblet squats and barbell hip thrusts.

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