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November 18, 2021 3 min read

If you do a lot of weight training exercises as part of your physical fitness routine, then you’re probably used to training with dumbbells, plates, barbells, and kettlebells. However, if you’ve been craving a change of pace, consider spicing up your routine to variable resistance training, which uses resistance bands instead of weights.

When training with dumbbells, the load varies throughout the range of motion of the exercise. You’ll experience the highest load when you extend at the top of your movement and the lowest load when you hit the bottom range. With resistance training, you’ll be using portable, light equipment that takes up much less space, making it more flexible and portable. Resistance bands help you increase your lean body mass, strength, and power better than constant resistance training. Here are seven ways to add resistance bands to your workout:

1. Squats 

Resistance bands are also available in booty or glute bands, making them great for leg and glute workouts. To incorporate a glute band in your exercise regimen, first stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Put the band loop under your feet, holding it firmly in place, and face your palms upwards with your arms on your sides. Squat until your hamstrings are slightly below parallel to the floor. Then, slowly rise to an erect position.

2. Static Lunges

Position yourself in a static lunge with your back straight and the resistance band under the arch of your front foot. Hold the band with both hands, maintaining an equal distance. Bend your knees until you reach a lunge, then lift them to return to your original position.

3. Push-ups

Adding a band to your push-ups puts more resistance and tension, making you work harder while giving you more tangible results. Put the band around your back and position it under your armpits. Cross the band in the middle with the straps around your palms and put both hands to the floor as you shift into the standard push-up position. Lower yourself down and push back up to your initial position.

4. Lat Pull-downs

Put your loop around a high wall hook or a sturdy overhead latch. With both hands on the band, put one knee on the floor until you feel the tension in the band. Pull your elbows down slowly while keeping your back straight, feeling your back muscles contract in the process. Hold this position for a second before slowly releasing your elbows.

5. Deadlifts

Put your band loop below your feet, holding the ends with your fists on your sides. Put your hips backwards while maintaining a straight back with your chest upward and outward. From your current squat position, stand until your back muscles start to tense. Hold this position for a second before releasing it and returning to your starting position.

6. Bicep Curls

Put your band below your feet with both of its ends in your hands. Face your palm upwards while positioning them on your sides. Curl your arms with your elbows securely at your sides until you feel your biceps fully contract. Hold this position for a second, then slowly return to your initial position.

7. Tricep Extensions

Put your resistance band around a door handle, then put a mat down and get on all fours with your back facing the door. Hold the ends of the band with both of your hands, having your elbows pointing forward and parallel to the floor. Slowly extend your arms forward and feel your triceps tighten. Once you’ve fully extended outwards, feel the burn for a second before releasing.


These exercises are simple to do, mainly consisting of just you and your band. By incorporating resistance bands into your workout, you’ll enjoy a deeper, more consistent burn that will give you more substantial results.

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