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December 10, 2021 3 min read

Weight watchers and aspiring fitness buffs know how tricky it can be to push forward with exercise routines, whether you're going from couch to a coach-level experience. As a beginner, part of the biggest challenges that can slow your roll in your fitness journey is the lack of equipment at home. Even if you can't access the gym, the good news is that there are fitness tools that can help put you on your feet without all the bells and whistles—that's where powerbands come into play!

What are Powerbands, and How can They Elevate Your Workouts?

Powerbands are rubber band-like resistance bands you can use at home to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and overall performance. Seeing as it's a lightweight and highly portable tool, you can progress with your exercise wherever your day takes you—be it in the gym, fitness studios, or even from the comfort of your own living room! 

Powerbands are a straightforward, simple way to get more out of each exercise. The elastic bands help develop and improve your strength without the frustrations of traditional resistance band training. 

With the right powerband that you can stretch and adjust according to your current fitness level, you can get a full-body workout, even if you're on the go. The bands are easy to stash in a bag, and they don't weigh much, so they're a great way to get a workout in without all the equipment you'd normally need to get a quality sweat session for the day. 

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Strap on your powerband, and let’s get sweaty with these routine tips!

A Routine You Should Try 

It's best to start with a simple routine that is friendly for beginners, so if you want to put in some legwork in the morning or insert some physical activity that can bust the afternoon slump, try this one out. Moving forward, you will need a powerband and a chair. 

Workout 1:

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds between exercises. Complete this sequence two to three times to help stretch your muscles for the day and improve your heavier, strength-focused performances later. 

  • 1. Chair dips
  • 2. Chair leg lifts
  • 3. Chair knee ups
  • 4. Chair bent over rows

Workout 2:

After completing the first workout, try to rest for two minutes and start the second workout, which involves the following routines: 

  • 1. Squat and press
  • 2. Chin-ups
  • 3. Shrugs
  • 4. Tricep kickbacks

Workout 3:

Now that your body feels looser with two workouts, you should rest again for two minutes and cap off the lightweight exercise with the last workout routine, which includes the following:

  • 1. Lunge jumps
  • 2. Push-ups

Keep in mind that while a powerband helps loosen your muscles and get them ready for more demanding physical activities, it's important to use it properly to ensure you're optimising your performance. Here's how you should use a powerband:

  1. Work out at least three times a week. Your workout should be 45 minutes to an hour.
  1. Wear loose clothing and wear the appropriate workout shoes to avoid any restraints that can lead to injuries during your stretches.
  1. As mentioned above, stretching is important before you start any exercises. So before you use the powerband, be sure to warm up the body before getting into the grind.
  1. Perform a set number of repetitions according to the exercise you are doing.
  1. Do not bounce back and forth or swing the resistance band. Focus on a slow and steady movement.
  1. Stretch after each exercise. Stretch your arms, legs, back, and shoulders.

There are also different elasticity levels for every powerband, so start slow and build up as you go to prevent injury and avoid resistance band burnout. Once you’ve used your powerband for a while and you feel good, try doing more repetitions with the same amount of resistance. This creates new muscle tissue and makes your muscles stronger.

The Bottom Line: The Power of Powerbands in Enhancing Your Fitness 

If you find yourself stuck in a bind, pulling out the powerband can help get you back on track and build your momentum, so you can push forward with your fitness goals even with a simple workout routine that you can accomplish anytime, anywhere. The powerband's flexibility makes it the perfect tool to mix up your fitness journey.

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