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October 01, 2021 3 min read

Using resistance bands can compound your workout benefits significantly sans the gym membership. When done outdoors, it has the potential to magnify your results even further, with a few bonus benefits to boot. 

In this article, we'll be discussing the incredible benefits of taking your resistance band session to your favourite outdoor location, as well as the proper way to prepare for your outdoor adventure. Read on!

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Resistance Bands Workout

Any good workout starts with a proper warm-up. In the case of resistance training, loop-style resistance bands offer effective warm-up moves for any outdoor regimen.

A proper warm-up increases your internal body temp, improving your flexibility and warming up the joint fluids. This pre-workout activity prevents stiffness and injuries. 

While most people can't wait to get started with their outdoor session, it is highly essential for achieving maximum gains without suffering delaying injury.

So doresistance bands actually work outdoors? We've compiled five compelling benefits for you. Keep reading!

1. It Exercises Your Mind

Everybody knows mental health is directly related to exercise and the outdoors. What happens when we combine both? Exercising outside increases the secretion of happy hormones called endorphins. These hormones elevate your mood and naturally reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The lightest bodily effort signals your body to release these chemicals. Spending time outside, however, increases happy hormones significantly. 

Plus, if you go in the mornings, you get a free dose of natural vitamin D, which is good for your teeth, muscles and bones, among other things.

2. It Allows for Longer Workouts

Whether you're doing an intense squat session or a high plank leg lift in your favourite park or along a remote wooded trail, the distractions of your surroundings take your mind off the work of working out. 

As a result, you'll end up doing a lot more than you would have if you'd been walled in. Plus, the act of going back and forth to your exercise location is a bonus to your workout. How about that?

3. It Reconnects You With Mother Nature

Hiking, camping, fishing, and many other outdoor activities are all attempts by people to reconnect with their inner desire for nature. 

While you may not have the time for those things, resistance bands and a pair of trusty gym shoes is all you need to enjoy mother nature's essential gifts. 

Exercising or doing anything outdoors makes you feel grounded, strengthens your connection to the environment, and helps you appreciate a breeze of fresh air while you're doing three sets of curl-ups.

4. It Is a Great Social Opportunity

If you have limited space, doing a resistance band workout with your friends or kids can feel suffocating. 

Meanwhile, taking your workouts to the nearby park can mean loads of fun for your loved ones, all while maintaining your calorie-loss goals. 

Exercising with your loved ones provides you with much-needed social support and accountability, both of which are essentially committing to your fitness goals long-term.

5. It Is Free and Accessible

Nobody likes waiting in traffic to get to the gym. Looking for parking and putting up with sweaty locker rooms can take away precious time you could be spending on exercise. 

The vast expanse of the great outdoors is at your disposal; we'd suggest taking advantage of it! 

Many outdoor spaces have trees, benches, inclined roads and even dedicated workout equipment, all of which you can use for a moreintense resistance training session. Also, it is free!


Exercise is one of the most critical factors in retaining our good health as we get older. Resistance band training is highly accessible and easy to use for most. Taking it outside can expose you to a world of benefits not found between your four walls.

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