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April 28, 2022 2 min read

We've already emphasised the value of resistance bands, and they do have their purposes. Bands are affordable and portable, so it's no surprise that they're popular—but why are they the subject of so many butt-focused workouts? Do you really need one if you're going to build a butt?

There's a company that goes by the name "Booty Bands," but the word has also been used to describe the general category of resistance bands that may be wrapped around your knees or thighs. Some are constructed of durable, elasticised cloth, while others are typical rubber. There are several programs that combine the usage of these bands into squats, kickbacks, and glute bridges, all while guaranteeing massive booty improvements. However, like with many popular exercises, the claims are exaggerated.

The Pros and Cons of Resistance Bands

People who love resistance bands often rave about the high-intense burn that these workouts provide. A lot of workouts using bands will promise you that you'll "feel the burn," but when bands are involved, you really will feel the burn—sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a way that makes you want to snap the band in half and throw it across the room.

Popular band workouts are great for stretching out tight muscles and strengthening your core, but if you're looking for glute growth, it's hard to point to any exercise that does the trick. And if you're looking for a full-body workout, you can do better than a band.

Resistance bands are portable and easy to store, but they're not as easy to use as other types of equipment. Some people will argue that bands are easier, but they're still not easy. You need to pay attention to how you're using the resistance band, and you need to be careful about your form so that you don't hurt yourself or pull your muscles or do something else you weren't planning to do.

What are Resistance Bands Best Used For?

For most, genuine heavyweights will be required to provide your butt (or any other body area) an adequate exercise. Champion deadlifters require a lot of muscle in their buttocks, but you won't see powerlifters abandoning the barbell favouring banded YouTube routines. Bands make the most sense as a side dish to your workout or an appetiser or dessert. To grow muscle, the main course must still be hard lifting. But bands can be a help to you. They're easy to store and affordable to purchase, and you can use them to fill in any gaps in your workout. You can do most of the same exercises with bands as you can with a dumbbell, but bands won't give you the same kind of workout as a dumbbell.

Bands are a great way to give your body a new challenge, and they can be a very useful tool. Don't buy into the hype that they're the answer to your prayers—but don't dismiss them completely.

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