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April 28, 2022 3 min read

Exercising can be quite a healthy endeavour to get into for your body, as you can regularly work out different parts to lose weight or gain strength. However, if you want to target certain areas of the body or get more effective results, introducing different tools and techniques can be helpful.

For instance, resistance bands are a great addition to the usual exercise routine. Try to be aware of the different kinds of resistance bands that you're getting though, just so you get the right variation and achieve your goal. Here are seven various types of resistance bands:

1) Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are a simple yet effective way to exercise, which is why they're good to have in your arsenal. These are usually used with lighter weights and can be found in a variety of colours and diameters. This band type may not be as flexible as other resistance bands, but they're still a good way to get a full-body workout.

2) Bands with Handles

Bands with handles are quite similar to rubber bands, but they're made of a firmer material and feature handles. They are a good way to get a stronger grip and get better results from your workout. These are easier to hold than regular bands, so if you're looking for a good technique or want something simple, using a band with handles is a great way to go.

3) Fabric Bands

Fabric bands are a bit different from their counterparts in that they're made from a softer material that is more flexible than most other bands. They also have a wider range of colours and can be used in different ways. These are good for people doing yoga or Pilates since being flexible with the bands can help you get the perfect range of motion.

4) Booty Bands

Booty bands are basically resistance bands that are used to target the entire glutes area of the body. The Gluteus Maximus can be strengthened, and its development can be enhanced with the use of different kinds of exercises using these bands. In other words, they're a good way to get thicker, fuller glutes and a more shapely figure.

5) Latex Bands

Latex bands are similar to rubber bands, but they're a bit more durable and flexible. This makes them good for overall body conditioning, great for stronger, more intense workouts, and they're easier to handle too. Latex bands come in various colours and sizes, so it's a bit easier to find a brand that suits you.

6) Micro Bands

Micro bands are miniature resistance bands that are made of a different material, which is less thick and more elastic than other bands. They come in different colours and can easily be packed away in a backpack or bag. These are great for people who are constantly on the go and need something that can easily be transported. 

7) Yoga Bands

Yoga bands are different from their counterparts because they're made to be used for yoga. They're made from a stretchy material and are usually very thin, which makes them easy to hold and grip. These soft and lightweight bands can easily be rolled or folded up. They're a good addition to your yoga or Pilates workout since they're quite easy to carry around.


These resistance bands are all great additions to your workout, and they make it possible for you to gain maximum strength in the body. These are easy to use and convenient, which makes them a good addition to your arsenal.

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