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December 16, 2021 3 min read

The gym is known as the temple of physical fitness, where everyone goes to sculpt their body and work on being the best versions of themselves. It’s where people work on achieving peak physical performance, blast through reps, and even gain admirers along the way. However, some people don’t feel comfortable working out at the gym, preferring more private areas to work on their fitness.

If you fall under that category, home workouts are your best bet. Amassing gym equipment is often expensive and inconvenient since they take up a lot of space at home. Luckily, you can use resistance bands to replace gym equipment, as they give you the same benefits as weights. Slim and weighing virtually nothing, resistance bands pack a punch in helping you tone and build your muscles. Here are three exercises to do with your resistance bands that can replace your gym workouts: 

1. Monster Walk

Stand yourself up with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent. Put the band around your feet and form an X by crossing the band in front of your legs. Grip the band at hip height in front of you, then take two lateral steps to one side and make your way to the other side. Be sure to begin and finish each step with your feet at a shoulder-width stance and knees slightly bent.

When doing this exercise, keep your feet vertical and your shoulders down, which will help you maintain the tension on the band at all times. Do three rounds of 12 reps of this exercise.

2. Seated Row

To get into a seated row position, put the resistance band around your feet while sitting upright, legs stretched out in front of you. Grip the band in your fist or wrap it around your wrist, then pull the band towards your body while keeping your arms under your chest. Pull your arms toward yourself while squeezing your shoulder blades together as you repeat the movement. Be sure to sit upright during the whole exercise, putting your chest out and your shoulders back. Three rounds of 12 reps are ideal to start seeing results. 

3. Burpee With a Resistance Band

This exercise takes the classic burpee and adds a twist to it. Hold the band in front of you in a horizontal position. Then, go into the plank position while keeping your hands on the band while pushing your legs back. Do a pushup and assume a squat position while holding onto the resistance band. Raise the band above your head and do a lateral pull-down once you stand up fully, putting the band on your shoulders.

When you get into the plank position, keep your shoulders above your wrists and perform slow, deliberate, and even pushups. Keep your feet planted on the ground and look forward. While doing the exercise, be sure to engage your core. As with the other workouts, three rounds of 12 reps is enough to give you the burn you want.


These resistance band exercises will help you tone your muscles by giving you the tension you need to push your strength to the next level. By adding these workouts to your exercise routine, you’ll get stronger and more toned.

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