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December 16, 2021 3 min read

The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end already, and so many are being forward-thinking with brainstorming about what they hope to achieve in 2022. Especially in this season of sales, it’s ideal to take advantage of the frenzy and get some must-haves for your future endeavours next year.

Consider trying out yoga and getting a couple of great accessories before the year ends. Many who undergo these exercise and meditation sessions find that their stress levels decrease as their physique slowly become stronger and more flexible. Especially with the recurring anxiety from the last two years, such a release will be warmly welcomed.

Plus, it’s pretty simple to build up your collection of yoga equipment. If you’re curious about what yoga accessories you should add to cart, here are some suggestions on what you should get.

1) Yoga Resistance Bands

If you’re looking for an absolute necessity and you can only buy one kind of yoga accessory, go with getting yoga bands instead. Even without the rest of the gear, you’d still be able to perform various poses and positions with ease. 

Make stretches deeper and the poses more precise with resistance bands. Even while you’re just standing in your sweats and maneuvering the resistance band around your body, you should be able to get the physical workout that yoga has to offer.

2) Yoga Workout Gear

When you want to feel a little more glamorous while doing yoga at home, consider getting some workout gear as well. Although your regular shirt and shorts will allow you to be flexible, some leggings and sports bras can do wonders for your comfort while you’re changing from pose to pose.

3) Yoga Mat

Doing yoga poses on the floor can be pretty rough, and that’s in the literal sense when you’re practising on unsmoothed stone or uncut grass. Invest in a thicker and high-quality material yoga mat so that you can do the floor poses during your yoga sessions without the hassle or discomfort that comes with it.

4) Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are a specific accessory that looks exactly like how it sounds. Shaped in a hard cylindrical, many yoga enthusiasts use this to curve and roll their back, helping them achieve certain poses that they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise. You can also consider utilising foam grid rollers for a smaller-sized cylinder that offers the same effect.

5) Yoga Ball

Yoga balls are a versatile and known piece of yoga equipment that helps with both the back and the front. Some may want a stable positioning of the ball in only one place, while others prefer the inflatable to be free without any restrictions. That way, users can have full control over the ball’s movement during the session.

6) Yoga Blocks

To deviate from the whole circle shape, try getting yoga blocks as an addition to your accessories. Many distributors may utilise wood, foam, bamboo and more depending on what you’d need. The harder the yoga block, the better it acts as a support and extension to the arms of a person.


With these various yoga accessories under your possession, you’re sure to end 2021 with some security and plans of what to do this 2022. Pick a select few in order to start your journey to destressing and to better your lifestyle.

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