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December 30, 2021 3 min read

With the rise of hybrid work environments and current world events,two-thirds of Australians find themselves working at home. As people spend more time sitting in front of their computers, incorporating at-home exercises into your daily routine is a must.

Working out at home does not require bulky gym equipment or expensive weights. One of the best exercise tools you can get is a set of good-quality resistance bands. These bands are not just great for sculpting your muscles or for strength training, but they are also great additions to your stretching routine. If you often experience stiff muscles after working for long hours, then you need a good stretching exercise or two.

Here are some resistance band stretches you can do:

Resistance Band Dislocation

Also known as band dislocates, this exercise is great for stretching out the arms, chest and shoulders. They can be used as warm-up or activation exercises too.


  1. Take an exercise band end on each hand.
  2. Hold the band in front of you with enough tension as to not let it sag.
  3. Maintain the tension as you bring the band overhead.
  4. Stretch the band as wide as you can when you move your arms behind your body.
  5. While maintaining your straight arms, bring the band overhead to the starting position.
  6. Repeat the exercise for one minute.

Exercise Band-Assisted Quad Stretches

Quad stretches are great for activating your leg muscles. They stimulate blood flow and enhance short-term flexibility and range of motion. These stretches are great as warm-up exercises, cool down exercises, yoga practice and more.


  1. Loop the band around your ankle.
  2. Lock your knee to help maintain your balance.
  3. Pull the band over one of your shoulders, letting your leg raise with it.
  4. Once you find your balance, pull the band down to stretch your quads further.
  5. Exercise legs for one minute each.

Resistance Band-Assisted Triceps Stretches

Triceps stretches using resistance bands are ideal for stretching out your arms and shoulders. These exercises are also great for preventing tight muscles, loosening connective tissues and improving blood circulation.


  1. Hold one of the band ends in your right left hand.
  2. Using your left arm, reach up and over the back of your head.
  3. Let the rest of the band drop behind you.
  4. Grab the band using your free hand.
  5. Pull the band down and stretch your top arm as best you can.
  6. Stretch each arm for one minute each.

Exercise-Band Assisted Rotate and Reach

This exercise will be beneficial for your rotation and overhead reach. You are likely to feel your obliques and arms.


  1. Loop one band end to your right foot.
  2. Step on the loop.
  3. Loop your left shoulder on the band’s other end.
  4. Treat the band loop on your shoulder like a backpack strap and hold unto it.
  5. Twist your body to the left.
  6. As you stretch, let your freehand stretch overhead.
  7. Do each side for one minute.


Resistance bands are amazing exercise tools for working out at home. They are more affordable and versatile than that large at-home gym equipment. When purchasing resistance bands, however, be aware of the quality. Not all bands are the same. While they are all elastic, they have varying degrees of resistance and durability. A good band should be able to withstand repeated use and a variety of different exercises.

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