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December 29, 2021 3 min read

Is it better to use bands or weights? When people walk into the gym, the ultimate aim is to work up a good sweat in the shortest possible time. However, this may sometimes lead to confusion when selecting the appropriate equipment. Not all pieces of gym equipment are created equal when it comes to fitness.

When it comes to resistance bands and weights, there are a lot of benefits one can enjoy. Read on to learn which of the two is better for you and where you can find resistance bands in Australia. 


It's common knowledge that resistance bands are easier to regulate than weights. Control refers to the fact that when a band is stretched across the range of motion of an exercise, its resistance rises. This is ideal for beginners since it lets them safely establish their ideal resistance strength. They can avoid any serious injuries by not pushing too quickly.

This characteristic of resistance bands versus weights may also assist those who are more accomplished in their training since it is a safe means of managing how and when their muscles attain tiredness or a full range of motion. This is a terrific supplement to free weights since you can use resistance bands for the last few reps to attain fatigue and enhance your range of motion!


They may be physiologically flexible, but we're talking about their flexibility in terms of practicality.

Resistance bands provide new possibilities when it comes to strength training. When they are being dragged in one way, the resistance is naturally in the opposing direction. For example, the direction of resistance will be downwards if you're doing bicep curls and stretching the band from the ground. If you tie them to a higher surface and use them for chest flys, the resistance will be in the opposite direction of the body, in a near-horizontal direction.

Resistance bands may be used to change the direction of resistance, making them useful for accessing a variety of training techniques with the same piece of equipment.

Form and Momentum

Another aspect to consider in the resistance band versus weights debate is that many individuals unintentionally cheat using free weights for strength training.

The direction of resistance for free weights is generally downwards (based on the laws of gravity); they stay in motion unless the user stops them. Because of their weight, they gain velocity and become more difficult to manage.

When gym members do bicep curls with a dumbbell, this illustrates action. When they commit mistakes in muscular depletion, some of them try to lift the weight with the help of momentum. This is “cheating” because it depends on leg and back strength, which aren't intended to be used during this exercise. When momentum is employed, the biceps do not gain from the workout, rendering it nearly ineffective.

Resistance bands have an advantage over weights in that they do not allow you to employ momentum since they function on resistance strength levels rather than weight. Here, your biceps are on their own!


While both weights and resistance bands may be used for rehabilitation, one benefit of bands is that they are unquestionably safer and easier to use.

Resistance bands, like free weights, allow the user to progressively increase the resistance as they stretch them while also maintaining greater control of the band. Compared to gravitational pull, the restricted direction of resistance, and the constant weight of free weights, this is superior for rehabilitation.

Things are considerably more stable with bands, and users are far less likely to incur discomfort or subsequent harm.


Resistance bands and weights have their place in everyone's fitness routine. A combination of the two will function well because they are good in various ways. Weights are excellent for increasing muscle growth and achieving progressive overload, while the best resistance bands are excellent for isolating certain muscle groups. 

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