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September 09, 2022 3 min read

If you're game to switch up your exercise routine, resistance bands are a great way to increase your workout load without using traditional weights. The bands are lightweight and offer a great workout that can leave you stronger, leaner, and more flexible. Let’s find out what makes these awesome for your next gym session.

They Are Sustainable in Improving Strength

Resistance bands are often overlooked as a source of strength training. However, they may be more effective than dumbbells in engaging additional muscles. Astudy published in 2018 found that ancillary muscles have to work harder when using bands due to the instability they add. This makes them ideal for strength training.

These are especially helpful for those who are new to strength training. Resistance bands are versatile, effective, and, therefore, less intimidating than machines or dumbbells for gym or workout newbies.

They Also Increase Flexibility

The malleability of resistance bands can help you improve your flexibility by allowing you to stretch further and hold the stretch for longer. Anotherstudy found that the women who participated in the workout improved their balance by an average of 9.3 percent and their flexibility by an average of 6.7 percent!

Adding resistance bands to your yoga routine also has many benefits. They can help you stretch deeper into poses, stay in good form, and safely increase your flexibility over time. 

They Expand Your Fitness Options

Resistance bands are awesome because they are small but provide a great workout. You can use them for a warmup, strength training, or stretching routine. They are also compact, meaning you can work out anywhere, anytime!

They also come in different levels of tension so that people who are just starting can use the bands with less tension, and people who have been working out for a while can use the bands with more tension to make their workouts more challenging.

They’re Great for Injury Rehab

Working with resistance bands can help speed up the process if you're trying to heal from an injury. Bands provide resistance that is not constant, which allows you to work your muscles in different ways with multiple ranges of motion. 

Thisstudy found that resistance bands can be effective in physical therapy, improving balance and functional ability. At the same time,another showed that a home-based rehabilitation program using resistance bands could help people with knee osteoarthritis improve the function of their knees.

They Still Burn Fat and Shed Excess Weight

Yet anotherstudy found that women who did resistance training with resistance bands decreased their fat mass, including their visceral fat percentage. To get a good burn, use resistance bands for compound movements that engage the upper and lower body, such as squat overhead presses or squat rows. These workouts burn the most calories.

Before using a resistance band, it is important to check it for wear and tear. If the band is too worn, it could snap during a workout. A session with a trainer is recommended to get the most out of a resistance band workout.


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