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May 05, 2022 3 min read

Just because you're a senior citizen doesn't mean you are discouraged from exercising. In fact, regular physical activity can help senior citizens live healthy lives and avoid problems down the road. However, not every senior citizen has access to workout equipment or safe outdoor spaces. And this can make it difficult for them to engage in physical activity. But there is an alternative. Senior citizens can still safely exercise at home with the help of resistance bands.

Maintain Strength

As a person ages, it becomes more difficult to maintain muscle and bone strength. This dichotomy can become much more severe if you've suffered injuries. Resistance bands are a great way to build and maintain strength without compromising your current condition. This is due to the even distribution of weight and the ability to control the level of intensity. The reason is that the resistance band will only stretch a certain amount, which will depend on how much weight is attached to it.

This level of control, as well as the amount of resistance, is something that can't be achieved with free weights. This makes resistance bands ideal for seniors because they have a certain level of control over the resistance and can modify their exercise intensity to suit their current physical condition.

Improve Balance and Stability

Balance and stability are necessary for all people, but especially senior citizens, as they age. If a senior citizen begins to lose their balance and fall, it can be particularly dangerous because of the toll that falling can take on the body. Resistance bands are a great way to improve balance because they require balance to complete the exercise, much like a yoga mat. A resistance band tied to something stable, like a pole in the corner of a room, will require the seniors to hold their balance as they do the exercise, thus improving their balance and stability.

Improve Mobility

Mobility is another crucial part of being a senior citizen. Many seniors suffer from joint, hip, and back pain that makes it difficult to get around, which can make simple activities like getting dressed or going to the bathroom a chore. A resistance band can actually be used to improve mobility because it allows the senior to gently stretch the affected muscles.

For instance, if a senior citizen has back pain, they can loop their resistance band over their shoulder and gently pull their hand toward their hip. This simple movement can be done daily and gently stretch the muscles, which can help with mobility. You can also use the resistance band to pull its length to perform a shoulder or upper backstretch.

Improve Posture

Senior citizens can also benefit from resistance bands because they can also help improve posture. If a senior citizen has bad posture, they can begin to wear their body down, as well as create musculoskeletal problems. But a resistance band is a great way to help with posture because it forces the senior to stand up straight and hold the proper posture as they exercise. Many resistance bands will have handles or loops on them that can attach around the wrist, which makes it easy to hold on to the resistance band while performing the exercise.

Final Thoughts

A resistance band is a great choice for senior citizens who want to stay in shape, as it can improve their strength, balance, and mobility. Resistance bands can be used to perform a variety of exercises and stretches, which makes them great for seniors to use.

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