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October 21, 2021 3 min read

Are you looking for a fun elastic band workout? Why not try using resistance bands to pump up your push-ups? A lot of people use resistance bands instead of weights, but these versatile bands can also be used to complement your regular exercises, including push-ups and pull-ups!

Simple Push-Ups May Not Be Enough

While push-ups are a perfect exercise on their own, they do have limitations. Indeed, they can help build your chest muscles, shoulders, and triceps simultaneously with your core abdominal muscles. However, if you aim to build a bigger chest and get as strong as possible, push-ups without equipment may not be enough.

Sure, if you are a beginner to strength training and are only able to push out ten reps or less, it would be more important to focus on being consistent with your workouts and slowly levelling up your reps. You can try adding resistance bands to your workouts later.

However, if you already do a lot of strength training, push-ups may be too easy for you. 20 reps may be a piece of cake. You can even do 40 to 50 reps in one go. Although doing a lot of reps in any exercise can be good for burning calories and improving your endurance, it won’t help you build the jacked figure you may be aiming for.

Using resistance bands with your push-ups may decrease the number of reps you can do, but the increased load provides a stimulus for muscle growth. This means you gain muscle size and strength faster!

What Kind of Resistance Bands Are Good for Push-Ups?

When doing push-ups with resistance bands, you need to be able to sling the band around your back and loop it securely around your hands. 208-cm resistance loops may be ideal for this as they are the right length; they stay in place on your back are easy to grip.

You can use a variety of resistance levels depending on your preference. You can use a red band to add a little weight to your push-ups, or you can go for the blue band if you are going for a killer workout.

How Do You Use Resistance Bands for Push-Ups?

Hold the resistance band at both ends of the loop and sling it around your back. Get into a push-up position while keeping the band in place. 

You may find the band slipping out of place during the first few times, but you will eventually be able to keep the band in place with practice. Just do your regular push-ups while keeping the band in place, and you’ll be able to master resisted push-ups in no time.


Although push-ups are a great workout, you can do them anywhere, anytime, and without using any equipment. They can get too easy once you get used to strength training. Making use of resistance bands is a great way to level up this simple exercise. 

The added load provides a stimulus for muscle growth, allowing you to gain muscle size and strength faster. You can even use a variety of resistance levels depending on your strength and preference.

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