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October 21, 2021 2 min read

Yoga is a well-beloved practice all over the world, generally associated with meditation and flexibility. It's also touted for the way it contributes to concentration, proper balance and stress relief. However, that's not all yoga can do for a person: in some cases, it's resistance training that's good quality and low-impact.

Best Way to Use Resistance Bands for Yoga

What kind of yoga poses do particularly well with resistance bands? Quite a few! Try the ones listed below without being afraid to experiment in the process:

Chair Pose

A resistance band with this pose is a back strength booster.

  1. Stand on a resistance band.
  2. Hold an end in each hand.
  3. Bend slightly waist-level, squat-like.
  4. Keep your arms over your head.
  5. Pull the band over your head at your back.

Downward Facing Dog

Sometimes called the 'down dog' pose, this is ideal for hamstrings getting a good workout.

  1. Have a band around your ankles. 
  2. Lie face down on your mat slowly.
  3. Push up as you bend at the waist.
  4. Keep your head between your arms.
  5. Stay in that position, pulsing each leg.

The Yoga Advantages of Resistance Bands

By default, practising yoga already includes a need for constantly improving mindfulness and getting a more flexible, strong body. Resistance bands are great for making yoga workouts more challenging and gaining a new sense of excitement.

Natural Movements Gain Support

One of the loveliest things about yoga is the way breath, bodies and minds are zeroed in on. Natural movements and poses are experienced through a resistance band. Those motions are generally the same as what is used by many in a real-world setting. Compared to what machines available at the gym can offer, this type of exercise is more rooted in reality.

Added Tension

There's a lot of gentleness involved with yoga. Bodyweight alone is just a direct hit towards gravity. Resistance bands are a great way for adding tension to improve strength during yoga. The growth of muscles over time is largely rooted in tension, so when you use resistance bands while doing yoga, you’re doing your muscles a favour. Strength can be improved a whole lot by just using a resistance band or three during a session.

They’re Convenient to Use

A lot of equipment and workout gear does not include intuition as they are incorporated into people's workouts. On the other hand, there's full intuition with resistance bands. All you have to do is pick up a resistance band and pull it. If you have the kind of job or lifestyle that requires you to travel a lot, resistance bands are handy as well. They're incredibly portable and quite affordable, which means they can be packed with no issue. This means you can do yoga anywhere, and you have no excuse to skip a session. 


Resistance bands are fantastic aids when it comes to yoga. Yoga already involves mindfulness and better flexibility, and resistance bands are great in aiding that. They're convenient to use, add helpful tension and natural movement gets support.

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