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December 10, 2021 4 min read

The back has some of the largest and possibly strongest muscles. To get a fantastic back workout, you don't need Olympic bars, weights, or a pull-up bar. In fact, all you really need is a set of resistance loop bands and your own body weight. Furthermore, the desirable v-taper will help you develop a muscular, athletic upper body. Here’s a brief guide to performing superset back exercises using heavy-duty bands.

Understanding Superset Exercises

Certain exercises in this workout necessitate looping the band above your head. This will allow you to accomplish pull-ups with your lats fully extended. These are called superset exercises.

Performing superset exercises means you'll need to set up the bands for both sessions ahead of time. For your first superset, you'll need bands at both the high and low anchor points (just one band is needed for this exercise). Following your first set, your second and third sets should be more challenging using layers of bands to increase resistance.

Banded Lat Pulldown

  • Locate an anchor point at least a foot above your head and tie two loop bands eighteen inches apart on either side.
  • Grip the bands with the bands facing the anchor point. They should be rowed down with their elbows down and back. Every repetition should feel like your shoulder blades are being squeezed.
  • Perform twenty (20) full lat pulldowns slowly.
  • This exercise will be done in tandem with a low row.

The Spiral Row

  • Put yourself back in the waist-anchored band position. Stand two feet in front of the anchor point and overhand grasp one end of the band in each hand. The band should be fully extended at the start.
  • Rowing will now be used to bring the band in. Maintain a tucked-in posture with your elbows. With each rep, focus on extending and bringing the shoulder blades together.
  • Perform twenty (20) repetitions.
  • After a 60-second rest, begin your second superset. Use the weight band color with the next highest resistance. This set includes ten (10) slow, full lat pulldown, and row repetitions.
  • Completing a third set of ten (10) repetitions of each action is recommended.
  • For your last set, do twenty (20) reps of your first band colors. This time, you'll try to finish the reps as quickly as possible. Do not fully extend on these reps. The restricted range of motion keeps the muscle contracted.

The Wind Band Rows

  • Wrap a loop band over your collarbone. From a distance of two feet, face the anchor point. The band should be held overhand at one end.
  • Row the band all the way up to your sternum, elbows elevated. Extend and retract your elbows now. On each rep, consider pressing the shoulder blades together.
  • This exercise is frequently confused with the face pull, which focuses on the traps and delts. You're yanking on your chest rather than your face.
  • Perform twenty (20) repetitions.

The One-Arm Rowing

  • Wrap the band around a low anchor point and hold the end with one hand. You can stretch the band by taking a step back. Squat down with your free hand on your knee, as if you were starting a lawnmower. In the starting posture, your pulling lats should be fully extended.
  • With your chin elevated, row the band into your ribcage. Rowing twists your hand from a neutral thumb-up posture to a completely contracted position with your palms up.
  • In the first set, perform 20 reps of each maneuver. Do ten (10) reps twice at a higher resistance level, then twenty (20) reps twice at a lower range of motion. Your superset rest period is 60 seconds

The Straight Arm Pulldown

  • Use a straight-arm pulldown to isolate and contract the lats. Continue to use the same elevated anchor point as in the last exercise. This time, though, there will be only one band.
  • Keep a three-foot spacing between yourself and the anchor point. Grab the band's sides with straight arms just below shoulder height.
  • Bring your arms to your sides without bending your elbows. The only joint that will move is the shoulder. The lats should commence the exercise. As you lower and lift your arms, you should feel them functioning.
  • The first set should be twenty (20) repetitions, followed by two sets of ten (10) repetitions with increasing resistance and a final set of twenty (20) repetitions with the same resistance.


When it comes to working out, it’s all about challenging yourself and meeting goals. With these specific back superset exercises provided, you can strengthen your lats, traps, and rhomboids. In due time, consistency, and determination, you will see the benefits of these back exercises and transform your body and your overall strength.

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