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December 16, 2021 3 min read

These days, you can get a full-body workout wherever you are just using resistance bands. Also known as “booty bands,” these fabric loops provide resistance against the body as you execute various moves. They rapidly activate and engage your muscles, increasing the effects of natural movements when building muscle and toning your body.

If you’ve just gotten a set for yourself and are planning to start up a workout routine, there are numerous types of resistance exercises you can start with.

Glute and Weight Exercises

The reason resistance training has seen “booty bands” as the most popular term is that they are excellent for activating your glutes. It combines bodyweight with resistance to firm up the muscles involved, resulting in a more robust backside that doesn’t sag. These exercises also naturally help your hip movements and build stability.

Starter Workout: Band Squats

Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight, and relax your shoulders. Loop the band around your thigh area and then lower yourself into a squat by moving your hips back as you go down. Keep your chest and shoulders upright during the whole workout. 

You can hold this squat for around five seconds and then slowly rise back to your start position. A few reps of this can really improve your hip strength and motion as well as engage your glutes.

Core Training

Training your core is essential when trying to improve your overall fitness level. Many core workouts also help your back, hips, and glutes. If you want to build abs and strengthen your midsection, you should add core resistance exercises into your routine.

Starter Workout: Glute Bridges

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Wrap your band around your thighs above the knee area. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, with your heels close to your hands at length. Start pushing down on your feet and lifting your hips until you are completely aligned with your knees.

Make sure you engage your core throughout the process and squeeze your glutes every time you reach the top. Do around ten quick reps per set. 

Lower Body Priming

You should warm up your lower body before diving into your training. A good start is by doing resistance priming exercises.

Starter Workout: Side Walk

Simply loop your band around your thighs, above the knees. Bend your knees a little with your hands in front of your upper body. Take one step to the side and do this back and forth left and right. Make sure your band is providing resistance every time you take a side step.

Upper Body Exercises

Resistance bands aren’t actually just for the booty. You can really tone up your arms and shoulders with the right workout.

Starter Workout: Lateral Raise

Put your band on the floor and loop your foot around it. Grab the end with your arm and stand up straight. Pull up your arm until it is parallel to your shoulder and hold the position for around five seconds and lower your arms back down. You can use a large band to engage both arms at once or use two bands. 


Workout bands are very simple tools that can produce significant results when integrated into your exercise routine. They are also buildable in that you can keep increasing resistance as you level up your training. It’s not hard to find a good booty band that fits your style and routine, so it just comes down to learning the right form and executing the moves.

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