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October 14, 2021 3 min read

Some might say that the best exercise bands to use for workouts are resistance bands. Generally, beginners in working out or those with experience in weight lifting, and even some recovering from an injury use the bands in fitness training. Besides these purposes, you might ask, "can I use resistance bands in yoga?"

The answer is yes; you can use resistance bands to maximise the benefits of yoga even further and for you to become better. Once you discover the benefits of yoga for your physical and mental wellbeing, you can enhance your sessions with the best resistance bands.

Read on to learn more about resistance bands and how you can use them in yoga.

What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands serve as a tool for a person to strengthen and stretch their muscles. These bands can be for aesthetic purposes, athletic performances, or even physical therapies. You can incorporate resistance bands into almost all sorts of workouts as an additional challenge.

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Bands for Yoga?

Since anyone can use resistance bands for any workout, yoga is no exception to this. If you are fond of doing yoga as a part of your routine, you may consider using resistance bands as they offer a wide variety of benefits.

Incorporating resistance bands in yoga enables one to take advantage of a full range of motion in doing exercises. Yoga moves using resistance bands typically become much less limiting than moves using weight machines such as free weights. 

Another benefit of using resistance bands for yoga is that they can bring you excitement. If you are exploring ways to add a fun twist to your yoga practice, look no further, as resistance bands are best to use for that added tension in your muscles. 

Resistance bands also provide you with the convenience that you desire for your workout stuff. You can bring them with you anywhere, and you can store and pack them quickly, so they're easy to travel with wherever you go. 

Two Yoga Moves to Try with Resistance Bands

If you want to try using resistance bands for yoga, here are two moves to try.

1. Begin in a tabletop pose where your hands and knees are on the floor while you stack your shoulders over your hands. In this position, stretch your resistance band between the balls of both feet. 

Try to maintain your upper body's position as you slowly straighten your leg and lift your foot off the floor. While holding that position, bend your knee, repeating the same on the other side.

2. Start in Warrior 1, where you lunge with both feet pointed forward, squaring off the hips. Using the resistance band, wrap it across the blades of your hands. Start with both elbows at right angles, tucked into the sides. Ensure that your hands are in front of you at your waist where your palms face in, too.

Next, place one palm flat on your chest to keep your elbow tucked into the side. Straighten the opposite elbow then for one repetition, so you feel the resistance. 

Final Thoughts

You can use resistance bands not only during training exercises, but they are also perfect for elevating yoga sessions. Now that you have learned how to use resistance bands for yoga, it's time to discover stores that offer the best yoga bands in Australia.

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