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October 14, 2021 4 min read

Preparing for your next Spartan Race doesn't have to break the bank or take up a lot of your time. You don't have to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment that you'll never use or put in your garage. Similarly, you are not required to enroll in an expensive CrossFit membership. With just a few good quality resistance bands, you can even set up a little obstacle course training facility in your backyard. 

Resistance bands not only provide a demanding degree of resistance for the development of any muscle area, but they are also lightweight, simple to transport, and, perhaps most significantly, are extremely reasonably priced. But how do you use them to train for a Spartan race? Here are some of the best moves to try:

Single-Arm Overhead Press with Mini-Band Lunge Walk

Using one hand, grasp a somewhat heavy item but simple to carry with the other, loop a Medium or Heavy Resistance 12-inch Mini Band around the center of your thighs once again. As you move into a lunge, raise the item straight above one side while maintaining your balance. Maintain an upward shrug of your working shoulder so that your bicep is close to your ear while you are working. Lunge forward with a significant stride, making sure your knees are higher than your ankles and that your chest remains erect. Walk forward into a lunge on the other side of your body while keeping your feet together in a standing position. Throughout the process, you will be holding the item above on one side of your body. When you reach the far end of the room, switch sides for the press and continue to do so until the target number of repetitions or time is reached. 

Bear Crawls While Holding on to a Band and Isometric Hold

Using a door anchor, secure a medium resistance long loop band by leaving the bulb end of the anchor behind the door, the loop in front of the door, and the loop behind the door. Ideally, you'll want the anchor to be placed towards the bottom of the door. One end of the medium exercise band should be fastened into the anchor loop and tugged to ensure that the anchor remains secure during the workout. Then, wrap the other end of the medium band around your waist to complete the look. Carefully place your hands and the balls of your feet on the ground in a tabletop position, with your back in neutral. 

To begin, bear crawl forward gently (as if you were feeling the resistance of the band) for as far as you can go, then maintain the position for 5 seconds before slowly crawling backward. As you move backward, the band will pull you, so be sure you clear your path of any items that may be dangerous. Repeat for the appropriate number of repetitions or for the desired length of time. 

Exercise Band Burpees with Squat Walk

Using a medium or heavy resistance mini band wrapped around the center of your thighs, concentrate on abducting (pushing out) your thighs throughout the exercise. Put yourself in a squat and then jump your feet behind you to form a plank. Then perform a push-up and squat back down. Keep your hips sinking back as if you're ready to settle into a chair instead of leaping higher, as you would if you were about to sit. Then, take three large steps to the right, maintaining a hip-width space between your feet at all times throughout the process. Return to a burpee position and, instead of leaping forward, maintain your squat posture and take three large steps to the left. Remember that a burpee that is deemed "legit" in a Spartan Race implies that your chest must make contact with the ground and that you must leap up with both feet off the ground. 

Box Jumps with Mini Exercise Band

Ensure that you have a stable platform on which you can stand or bear weight securely while wearing a medium or heavy resistance mini band around the middle of your thighs (e.g. couch, staircase). Maintain a comfortable hip-width distance between your legs and aggressively push your thighs out against the resistance of the loop band. Sit your hips back and your arms behind you in a relaxed position. In the end, propel your arms and hips forward and upward at the exact moment, leaping with both feet up and onto the surface of the water simultaneously. After landing in a squat posture, raise your legs fully stretched and stand up. Taking it one foot at a time, step down off the surface, and then repeat 

Final Thoughts

Utilize a thicker resistance band or raise the weight of any external load (weight) you may be used to make the exercises more challenging. To reduce the intensity of your workout, you may use a lighter resistance band, take more extended rest periods between exercises/sets, or reduce the weight of any external load (weight) you may be using. Do these workouts at least twice a week, and you'll be ready for your next obstacle course event in no time.

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