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October 21, 2021 3 min read

Resistance bands are an excellent workout tool or accessory for almost all types of workouts. Whether you are beginning your fitness journey or you’re a gym buff looking to give your workouts a nice twist, resistance bands are a great investment. The best resistance bands can help improve your agility, strength, and speed. They’re also inexpensive and portable, making them an excellent option for when you travel a lot or something that you can use to enhance your workouts wherever you may be.

In this post, though, POWERBANDS® will share with you how you can incorporate resistance bands in your speed training workouts:

Resistance Bands for Improved Running and Sprinting Speed

Resistance bands can help teach your body to be more efficient and allow you to continue accelerating even as you reach your limits. Due to the increased resistance, your movement and force will decelerate, and you will have to work harder to avoid the natural safety mechanisms of your body. 

If you are a runner or a track athlete who wishes to increase your sprinting or running speeds, you can focus on endurance, strength, flexibility, and power. Hip flexor strength is necessary to increase your stride length as well as your frequency. Speed resistance bands are a great training tool that can help you improve your quickness by applying resistance through every workout phase. Training with resistance bands can take your muscle strength, endurance to the next level, allowing you to finish stronger in your next race. 

Resistance Band Speed Training Workouts You Can Do

While resistance bands are not dangerous, you should make sure not to overstretch them. Also, you must observe proper techniques to avoid injuries. Now that you’re ready, here are some speed training workouts you can do with your resistance bands:

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT involves short bouts of intense workouts that force the body to burn fat quickly. This type of workout leans you out and helps you lose weight while improving your speed. You can do 2 minutes of high-intensity lunges using your speed resistance bands and then reduce the speed. After that, jog in place for a minute. This should boost your metabolism and burn fat. 

Punching Drill

Simply wrap a resistance band around a pole or column behind you and throw punches towards a board or focus mitt held by your exercise partner. Do 20 repetitions of this with the band in hand, then do 20 more without it. You’ll notice how it increases the speed of your punches. This is an excellent exercise for martial artists and boxers. 

Agility Drills

To improve your footwork, you can anchor the resistance band around a stationary object that is hip-waist in height. Make sure that the thing won’t budge. Place the band around your waist and walk out until you feel the band taut but not overstretched. Do exercises like carioca or running in place sideways, backpedals wherein you lean against the band and backpedal in place, and explosive bursts with you running forward and then forcefully doing resisted stationary sprints, butt kicks, and high-knees. 


These are just some of the many workouts that you can do with your resistance bands to increase your speed. To ensure that you are doing the exercises safely, you need to find the best resistance bands that you can see that are of the highest quality. You should also remember to keep proper posture and technique when doing the workouts to make the most of your exercises and ensure your safety. 

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