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June 30, 2022 3 min read

Power or resistance bands are often used when a person wants to increase their strength and endurance, such as in certain sports, or when a fitness routine requires the use of a piece of equipment that isn’t available.

One of the main benefits of power bands is that they are inexpensive compared to weight-lifting equipment like free weights. Bands and handles are relatively inexpensive and can be stored easily. You can easily order the bands and handles online or buy them at the store.

They are also easy to use. For example, if you purchase a door mount, you can easily attach it to the door by sliding it onto the top. If you are using an exercise band, you can easily loop it around a tree, for example, for a resistance workout.

But of course, it's easy to why some people remain sceptical. Although resistance bands have proven beneficial to your health and training, people want more information about them. Today, let's explore what makes power bands so popular and why you should try them.

Here's what you need to know:

What Makes Power Bands Effective?

Resistance bands have been proven to be a valuable training tool because there are so many different types and variations. Due to the nature of a power band, which is elastic, it can provide more resistance than your body weight.

If you are doing a pull-up, for example, and you move the band around your feet, it will make the pull-up harder and more challenging. Power bands are especially useful in the gym when working out with a partner because the band can provide extra resistance for the person who is lifting.

When performing exercises like squats, pull-ups, or other bodyweight exercises, the band can help increase the resistance to work out harder and get a more effective workout.

How Power Bands Improve Your Training


Power bands are versatile. You can use them during a variety of exercises. For example, when you are doing pushups, the power band can help either increase or decrease the level of tension.

You can pull the band downward to make the pushups harder or move it off to the side to make it easier. This is helpful when you want to adjust the level of difficulty of your exercise. Another way in which you can use the resistance band is when you are doing squats. You can wrap the band around both legs and move it up and down during the squat to make this exercise harder.

The band can be an excellent way to strengthen your lower body and increase your endurance. You can also use the band by wrapping it around your arms during exercises like bicep curls or triceps extensions.

Proper Form

You can also benefit from resistance bands because they can help you improve your form. When using free weights, it is easy to use incorrect form since there is little to guide you. However, it is much easier to improve your form with power bands because you are physically restricted.

The Bottom Line

If you are considering purchasing power bands, you don’t need to buy many of them. Instead, purchase the basic ones, such as a door mount and an exercise band. After using these for a while, you may want to buy some more specialised types, such as a tubing band which will allow you to do exercises that you wouldn't usually be able to do. This is a good idea if you are interested in becoming a bodybuilder.

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